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Happiness hacks to feed your mind





We know how it is, and send out group hugs.

While 21st century living gives us so many more opportunities than ever before, it can also have a downside when it comes to your mental wellbeing.

Expectations mean we are switched on 24/7, and let’s face it that just isn’t possible.

We know that life can be busy, but we have some easy happiness hacks we hope will free your mind and allow you to relax and chill out, rather than being in fight or flight mode all of the time, which is totally exhausting and unsustainable.

Just breathe
This sounds simple, but when was the last time you sat back and breathed deeply? Bet you can’t remember. When you have read this post, sit down, close your eyes, count to five, breathe in and then out. Focus on that breathing, feel the air go into your body and then go out again. By doing this for just five minutes you can focus and regroup and when you breathe better, you will feel better.

Talk it out
After breathing, comes talking. We don’t mean gossiping, but opening up and letting others know you are having a hard time. A problem halved is more than a problem shared and those around you will want to support and love you. You might feel that you are burdening family and friends, but by holding onto toxic thoughts and ideas, you will get dragged down and nothing will change. Pick up the phone, or ask your bestie to meet you for coffee and you will be surprised by how much better you feel by being honest.

Ditch your screen
We bet just thinking about this is hard, but screens can take over your life and drain your happiness and also remember people only post their best bits. Playing games, using social media, texting, and streaming TV might fill time, but if you put your device down you will find happiness somewhere else and life might just get better. Maybe check in with Facebook once a day, turn emails off after 6pm and call friends rather than using WhatsApp.

Bigger picture perspective
We often get caught up in the here and now, but what is bothering you in this moment isn’t going to last. Look at problem areas and see if you can break those down into more manageable chunks and deal with one at a time. If work is too much, what can you push back on and delegate? If the house is a mess, get others pulling their weight. What might feel enormous now, will be gone in no time if you address it and then move on.

Take some exercise
Social media, long hours and demanding careers often leave us time poor which means exercise gets dropped. This is a big mistake. Exercise will raise your heart rate, clear your head, trim your waist and the resulting endorphins will pump feel good vibes around your body. It doesn’t matter what you do, but running in the park, racing on your bike or swimming in the sea will is so much better than sitting in a dark office hour after hour.

Be kind
We all have off days, but if you can generally be kind to those around you, it will help with your happiness. A compliment, holding the door open for someone, a simple smile and letting another driver go past, are all small things, but they add up and you will both be happier as a result.

Do something just for YOU
Go on a date, take a walk, or have a manicure and pedicure and treat yourself. You work hard and think of others all the time, so you need to top up your reserves and if you do this on a regular basis, your happiness levels will soar.

See the bright side
If nothing else, remember to laugh. In the bigger picture, life is really short so try to make the most of it and enjoy every single day.

Let us know your happiness hacks, we are all ears.

Team Pure Beauty

Last updated on 12/06/2019.

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