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HD Brows – Brow Sculpt

HD Brows – Brow Sculpt

HD Brow Sculpt is Lamination with a twist carried out by our HD Brow Sculpt Stylist.

This is a unique treatment for every set of brows, whether you are looking to tame unruly hairs or to follow the latest trends, we can sculpt your brows into the desired shape. We can custom-blend our With our range of tints to suit you. Great for anyone with unruly or thicker brows we also use the HD Brow hair removal method of waxing, threading and plucking giving you up to 6 weeks of flawless, perfect brows.


  • A patch test will be required if you have never had HD Brows before at least 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • To ensure the best, lasting results, it is important not to allow your brows to get wet or near steam for 48 hours after your treatment.
Brow Sculpt Full  Treatment£40.00(60 mins)
HD Brows Express Treatment (No Tint and Minimal Make-up )£20.50(30 mins)

HD Brows Brow Sculpt

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Prices effective 24/05/2023.

Last updated on 05/01/2023.