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Strip Wax

Strip Wax

Strip Wax is the standard in waxing and hair removal. It is applied to the area of concern and then removed with wax strips.

Normal WaxLycon Wax
Eyebrow£10.50£12.50(10 mins)
Upper Lip£9.50£11.50(10 mins)
Chin£9.00£10.00(15 mins)
Upper Lip and Chin£14.50£16.00(15 mins)
Under Arm£12.00£16.00(15 mins)
Standard Bikini£16.50£17.50(15 mins)
High Leg Bikini£18.50£22.50(15 mins)
Forearm (Wrist to Elbow)£15.00£16.00(15 mins)
Full Arm (Fingers to Shoulder)£18.00£19.00(20 mins)
Stomach£15.50£17.00(15 mins)
Upper Half Leg£19.50£21.00(30 mins)
Lower Half Leg£17.50£19.00(15 mins)
Three Quarter Leg£20.50£22.00(25 mins)
Full Leg£27.00£29.00(45 mins)
Full Leg and Bikini£32.50£35.00(45 mins)
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Prices effective 24/05/2023.

Last updated on 24/05/2023.