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It is very important that a pair of open toed shoes (flip flops are great) are worn after any of our pedicures. Wearing enclosed shoes before allowing ample drying time may results in less than perfect results.



Express Pedicure

Your nails will be shaped, your cuticles pushed back, we will then apply a beautiful foot cream and your chosen finish.
Natural£13.00(20 mins)
Polish£16.00(30 mins)
Gel£29.00(45 mins)

Luxury Pedicure

Your nails will be shaped, your hard skin filed and a relaxing foot bath. Your cuticles will be treated and tidied and a leg and foot massage will follow and then your chosen finish applied.
Natural£25.00(45 mins)
Polish£30.00(60 mins)
Gel£37.00(75 mins)

Ultimate Pedicure

Take your time to let you feet be truly pampered with the full Luxury Pedicure incorporating a deeply penetrating foot mask with heated boots giving you time to relax and your feet time to recover. Finally your nails are filed and application of your chosen finish.
Natural£29.00(60 mins)
Polish£33.00(75 mins)
Gel£41.00(75 mins)

LCN Wilde Pedique

LCN Wilde Pedique is a treatment for surgically removed, injured or fungal nails. We will make you want to show off your toes again with this treatment.
French LCN Toes£32.50(60 mins)
Colour LCN Toes£30.00(60 mins)
Add Luxury Gel Polish£20.00(30 mins)
Sculpted Toe Nail is a Treatment lost toe nail or soft fungal toe nail.
Per Nail£14.00(15 mins)

Callus Peel

This treatment is a non invasive peel which removes excessive hard skin giving you immediate visible results and leaving your feet looking and feeling super soft.
Per Treatment£23.50(30 mins)
Addition to a Pedicure£19.50(15 mins)
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Prices effective 24/05/2023.

Last updated on 20/07/2023.