Breaking up and moving on

However you look at them, break-ups are tough, emotional and draining but they don’t have to break you.

We know you have heard the clichés and we know it might not seem like it now but a break up can be made less painful, and here’s how.

Accept your feelings
In the early days thing will feel raw and unbearable, especially if you didn’t want to split, but that is perfectly natural. Go with your feelings, cry, scream, shout, reflect and sit with that rollercoaster ride of emotions until you can step off and see clearly once again.

Don’t see it as a failure
The end of a relationship may feel like the loss of a limb and your future, but you must not feel as if you have failed. Things change, people want different things, love can burn out and once you have licked your wounds and come to terms with the change, life will make sense once again.

Stay away from social media
While you might want to cling onto the past, checking Facebook a hundred times a day isn’t going to help you heal. New partners, nights out and holidays without you might be plastered across Instagram, but you aren’t there and you don’t need to see the details.

Self care
Yes, going out on the town, drinking cocktails and hooking up might seem like fun but it won’t do your self esteem or health much good. Spend time looking after yourself, seeing family and friends as well as eating good food and getting lots of rest and sleep. Be kind to your body and your heart and soul will follow.

Rather than delving into a family pack of chocolate and binging on box sets and pizza, get your trainers on and get those feel good endorphins racing around your body. Running, cycling, boxing, rowing and dancing are all fantastic ways to take your mind off your problems and will give you a new focus and interest. If you go with a friend you are more likely to keep to the plan and you can of course have a mint tea afterwards and catch up.

Take your time
Don’t jump straight into another relationship. Yes, you might feel lonely and scared about the future, but use this time to work out what you really want and believe you are worth waiting for someone who is right and deserves your affections.

Listen to your heart
There will be constant chattering in your mind about what has gone on and why, but try to close those conversations down. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga are all great ways to go back to basics, calm the mind and focus on your breathing and being in the moment. Anxiety isn’t going to stop during your first session, but with a wide range of apps, books and classes out there, so do your research and find something that works for you.

Talk it out
Whether it’s your mum, sister, friend or a therapist, get things off your chest. There is nothing worse than carrying around a load of baggage as this will stop you from moving on. Yes, you don’t want to seem weak but as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved and eventually it won’t be a problem at all.

Make a change
A new haircut, sports car, city relocation or career move might seem like a bold statement but sometimes that is just what we need to shake off the past. Consider you options, see what’s out there and maybe, just maybe, this break up could actually be the path to something altogether better.

Whatever you do, keep smiling and grab life by both hands.

Team Pure-Beauty

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