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Make the most of your beauty sleep

www.pexels.comWinter evenings are for many things – cosy nights by the fire, hot chocolate after dinner as well as all those Christmas movies to eat as you eat mince pies and enjoy the odd tipple. Winter, however, isn’t always the best thing that can happen to your hair and skin. Dropping temperatures, lack of sunlight and blasting central heating can cause flaky skin, cracked lips, dry legs, and brittle hair – ouch.

Don’t fear, we are here to help and have some easy ideas that you can incorporate into your evening routine that you might not have thought about but could really help you to look and feel better.

Chapped lips
Not a winter goes by without us suffering from chapped lips, but as well as lip balm, we also find comfort in tea. The tannins that are found in the humble tea bag are often used to soothe sunburn, and they can do the same for dry lips. When you make your evening cuppa (go for decaf), let the tea bag cool down as you enjoy your drink, then put it on your mouth for about ten minutes, and we think you will find the cooling, hydrating properties will work wonders. You could use this time out to also apply a hydrating mask to your face as this can help to ease the dry patches and fine lines which do happen as the mercury drops and the moisture is zapped from your skin.

Split ends
Let’s face it, we often don’t put a hat on when we go out, so not only does all the heat escape from your body (didn’t you listen to your mum) and this means your hair is totally exposed to the elements. As well as having a regular trim, you can keep your locks in tip-top condition if you put coconut oil on the ends of your hair overnight. As you sleep, the natural goodness will get to work adding love back into your hair and when you wash the oil away the next day, your hair will be left shiny and bouncy once again.

Pass on the bath
We know that when you are cold, tired and just want to wash the day away, the temptation is to run a super-hot bath and stay in the water until your skin is shriveled and your aches are soothed. The trouble with doing this is that hot water will strip your skin of those all important natural oils, which is the last thing your body needs. Instead, have a quick, warm shower, and then while you are still in the misty bathroom, massage in your body cream and this will help to lock in hydration and keep you looking healthy and glowing.

Add a serum
As well as your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise routine at night, you might also want to add a serum into the winter mix. Serums can give you that little bit of additional love and help your skin to recover while you sleep as well as hydrate, brighten and tone your complexion

Sleep in your socks
Not only will sleeping in your socks keep you warm, but if you gently massage a little coconut oil into your feet, focusing on those dry, cracked areas, and then put your socks, as you sleep the natural oils will ease dry areas and painful cracks.

Take care of your hands
Your hands really do get a bad deal in the winter months. They go from hot to cold, get plunged into water and covered in soap that often isn’t washed away, and as for all that anti-bac gel, it might kill bugs, but it can really dry out your skin! As well as having a regular manicure (with hand massage), also make sure you use a gentle soap on your hands, always dry them and use hand cream day and at night, not just as a treat now and again.

Love your cuticles
We all know how painful split, cracked cuticles can be, but you can avoid this from happening if you look after them. Try to always wear gloves when you are outside or washing the dishes, and then before you go to sleep, rub a little almond oil into the cuticles and this extra bit of loving nourishment, will keep them healthy and strong all winter long.

Sleep with your humidifier
Bear with us on this one, because we believe you can keep dry skin at bay, if you turn on your humidifier as you sleep. The mist which is generated, not only eases breathing but can help keep dry skin at bay and you will wake feeling refreshed and looking well. It’s got to be worth a go?

Got a tip for us to try before we hit the sack? Drop us a line and let us know as we are all ears!

Team Pure Beauty

Last updated on 27/11/2018.

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