Give Your Skin a Boost with Elemis Serums

Elemis Serums

Although you may feel as though you have your daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine dialled in, adding a serum into your rotation can also do your skin the world of good. Serums are often the most powerful products in a range, and this is especially true of Elemis, with several of their serums showing clinically proven results. Today, we’re taking a look at 5 of the best serums from Elemis to help you decide which would work the best for you.

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

The little pot contains not one but two different formulations which are designed to moisturise and nourish the skin. The pink pods, which are beautifully rose scented, are to be used in the morning and the purple pods contain soothing lavender which not only helps to rid the skin of free radicals and daily pollutants but also helps to de-stress skin cells and create the ‘Bliss Effect’ for enhanced well-being.

Elemis Hydra-Boost Serum

This serum is specifically formulated for ‘thirsty’ skin which needs an all-day hydration boost and is clinically proven to give a full day of moisturisation to your skin. It contains quinic acid, nourishing dhatelo oil and hyaluronic acid, which are blended with organic myrtle, rich in anti-oxidant phenolic compounds, to help maintain the skin’s natural defence systems. Use it morning and evening for continuous moisture, alongside your usual moisturiser for maximum effect.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum

This serum is truly remarkable in the fact that is give you the instant appearance of having had a face-lift! It’s super intense and leaving skin feeling firm and strengthened, whilst smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. It contains a number of totally natural ingredients such as quartz and argan oil and is made of smaller molecules which penetrate the skin quickly and more deeply, giving such an immediate effect.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir

Another serum from the Pro-Collagen range, this serum elixir is intended for use with ageing skin and significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, skin feels smoother and firmer, with significantly better hydration levels and a combination of hyaluronic acid and omega-rich camelina oil provides superior moisturisation leaving the complexion visibly smoother, plumper and more youthful looking.

Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Serum

Discolouration and dark patches can be a real issue, especially with prematurely ageing skin, which is why you need a powerful product to deal with it. This serum is designed to actively target hyperpigmentation on the skin and lighten it significantly, even after just 28 days of use. Past imperfections, such as acne scarring, are visibly reduced and it even works to prevent future over-pigmentation of the skin, too.

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