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Exercising in Winter – How To Do it Right

Exercising in Winter - How To Do it Right
Photo by Fil Mazzarino on Unsplash

Running is such a great exercise, as it’s something that you can do almost anywhere, at any time  and you don’t really have to spend any money to be able to do it. However, running in the winter isn’t always as pleasant, but there are things that you can do to ensure that your body doesn’t suffer from running in the cold weather. Here are five tips to help you carry on running in the winter and make sure that you do it right.

Use Hand Cream

Even if you wear gloves while you run, your hands are an area which can suffer from spending too much time in the elements. Runners often complain of chapped skin on their hands when they run in the winter and gloves don’t always protect you. The best way to ensure that your hands don’t suffer from spending too much time outside is to use a protective hand cream like Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream. It forms a silky barrier that locks in moisture and will protect your skin against the harsh cold weather.

Prep Your Muscles

Warming up your muscles before you go outside in any weather is essential so performing a dynamic warm up inside the house before you start is essential. However, using an oil to massage your muscles will also help to get them prepped for running in cold weather and Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil is the perfect product. It contains a synergy of ingredients which helps ease muscle pain and joint stress and will protect your legs against the cold.

Protect Your Face

Even when you bundle yourself up in protective clothing to run in the winter, your face is often the one area of skin that would still be exposed to the elements. You can’t wear something to cover your whole face as this is just plain dangerous so using a protective face cream such as Decleor Cica Botanic Balm is the best way to protect the exposed skin. The balm is perfect for irritated and very dry skin and contains healing essential oils for visible skin repair. It provides a much-needed wash of deep and long lasting skin hydration which will mean that your skin doesn’t dry and crack whilst running in the cold weather.

Use Suncream

You may think that running in the winter means that you don’t need to protect your skin from the sun, but actually, using some form of skin protection all year round is essential if you want to avoid damage from the sun’s rays. Decleor Ultra Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF50 Face is a high factor sun cream which will protect sensitive and mature skin types and will help to reduce reactions caused by sun exposure, as well as helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Stay Hydrated

When running in cold weather you will usually sweat less than you would if the temperature outside was higher and this may lead you to believe that you aren’t becoming dehydrated. However it’s essential to drink water even when running in winter and even if you don’t feel like you’re losing moisture through sweat and allowing yourself to become dehydrated will have a detrimental effect to your body and your skin which could become dry and cracked in response to not having enough fluid.

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