50 easy things to do to make you happy


Bogged down, tired, stressed?

Many of us feel this way as life is busy, schedules are full and the nights are drawing in.

Don’t feel mad, sad or bad, instead take a leaf out of our book and do something easy today that will make you feel great.

Go for a walk in the autumn sunshine and get some fresh air.

Meet a friend for coffee and chat.

Write a letter.

Cook a cake.

Take up knitting – very therapeutic.

Swim in the sea.

Light some candles and enjoy the sweet smell filling up your house.

Listening to your favourite song on full volume.

Book a holiday.

Resign from the job you hate.

Tell someone you love them.

Have a horse-riding lesson.

Take a duvet day.

Pay someone a compliment.

Read that book you have had on your list forever.

Put all your photos in an album.

Buy a new pair of shoes and wear them out of the shop.


Throw away the scales.

Buy a colouring book and relax as you draw.

Make a hot chocolate with double cream and enjoy every last taste.

Cuddle a newborn baby.

Say hello to a stranger and brighten their day.

Make a donation to a charity you believe in.

Cancel that expensive gym membership you never, ever use.

Call your mum and say hello.

Have a digital detox and turn off all devices and gadgets for the day.

Cook a roast dinner for the whole family.

Take a course and learn something completely new.

Go to a car boot sale and sell anything you don’t use or need anymore.

Go to the beach.

Paint your nails bright red and wear matching lipstick.

Make a mid-year resolution.

Have your hair done, feel special. You’re worth it.

Keep a diary of three good things in everyday and embrace happy.

Tell the truth.

Throw out your chipped mugs and buy a new set that matches and looks nice!

Send a postcard to your sister.

Snuggle up with your dog, and if you don’t have a dog, borrow one.

Say sorry and really mean it.

Throw a party, just because.

Meditate and take time out to rest, relax and find happiness.

Don’t skip meals, instead nourish your body and soul with good food and water.

Have an early night and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Get out the popcorn, close the curtains and watch your favourite movie in your pjs.

Volunteer your time. Whether you help at a local hospice, make tea at the school fete or do some shopping for a neighbour, do it for free and make a difference.

Make a list and stick to it, ticking each item off one by one.

Don’t keep anything for ‘best’ use or wear it everyday.

Look for butterflies.

Smile, it is hard to feel down when you are grinning.

Go on, give these a go and we bet you will feel better for it.

Team Pure-Beauty

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