5 Surprising Reasons for Spots

5 Surprising Reasons for Spots We all know that there are certain things which cause spots, like weather changes and hormones changes which are basically just a fact of life and have to be dealt with as and when they happen. However, there are quite a few totally avoidable reasons for spots which may not have even occurred to you, so we thought we’d take a look at those reasons and allow you to be pre-armed and forewarned.

  1. Your Make-Up

Using make-up with is ‘non-comedogenic’ is basically the only way to ensure that your make-up will never cause you spots because this literally means that it doesn’t clog your pores. Other than that, making sure that you wash your face really thoroughly at the end of the day is the only remedy. We recommend Decleor Soothing Micellar Water and Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover to ensure a super clean face with no irritation from harsh chemicals.

  1. Your Bed

Okay, so this one is a bit…icky…but if you’re not changing your bedsheets as often as you should, especially your pillow case, then your sleep-haven could definitely be giving you spots. Every night, you lay in bed and your face touches your pillow case which, if it hasn’t been properly sanitised, could be teeming with bacteria. Make sure to change your bedding at least once a week and wash them at a minimum of 60°C.

  1. Your Partner

If your partner has facial hair of any kind, there’s a good change he could be contributing to your spots, especially if you’re a pair of kiss-aholics! If your partner has short, stubbly hair, this could be irritating your skin and causing breakouts, whilst a long beard could be harbouring sebum and bacteria, also causing you to breakout. Make sure he keeps his beard super clean and softened with a little beard oil.

  1. Overusing Products

Having a skincare routine is something that we’re fairly evangelical about, but we’ll be the first to admit that there IS such a thing as overdoing it, and even we need to switch things up sometimes. Although products which contain salicylic acid can do absolute wonders for your skin, some of them are for occasional use only and using them too much can cause a whole set of issues by themselves, such as dryness and outbreaks of spots. If this happens to you, try to lay off the powerful products for a while and stick to something gentler like Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster.

  1. Smoking

Sorry to be a bore, but smoking is bad for you in YET ANOTHER way. We all know the potentially fatal side effects of smoking, which is reason enough to quit, but smoking can also give you spots. When you smoke, you literally deprive your skin of oxygen and all of the chemicals in cigarettes will dry the skin, causing you to over-produce sebum which will eventually make you spotty. How to stop it? Quit!

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