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New hair, new you

www.pexels.comWhen it comes to maintaining a youthful glow, many of us think that a good beauty routine, drinking lots of water and using anti-ageing products will achieve this.

While there is no doubt these things help, have you ever thought what a change in hairstyle might do for your image?

We think that there is nothing quite like a cut, colour or revamp to give you a new, fresh look, but it is also worth remembering that having a regular trim means you will have healthy-looking hair which always looks more youthful than a style which is littered with damaged split ends.

Ombré Waves
While there are some pretty fierce colour ideas out there right now, you can still have fun without looking like you have got things a bit wrong. Going for a soft ombré option with youthful, face-framing waves gives a really chic look and your confidence will take a boost too.

Sleek Bob
A bob is a classic cut that takes away the years. Go for shorter layers in the back as these give you extra volume and use a serum for added shine and glamour. You can keep things straight, or add waves using a heated brush or wand. Another clever trick is rather than parting your hair in the middle, opt for a side parting which instantly creates a younger “just out of the salon” look.

The Messy Chignon
We love this look at any age. Not as tight or ageing as the classic bun, a loose chignon doesn’t just give you a fashion edge but it also adds volume to your hair which can erase the years. Add statement earrings and skin flattering lipstick and you will look, and feel, fabulous.

Keeping it Long
If you aren’t ready to part with your long locks, think about having some soft layers and a long side-swept fringe which will keep you looking fresh and current.

Highlight It
Long, beachy hair with some well placed, natural looking highlights can give your skin a radiant, just got back from holiday glow. Speak to your hairdresser about the best shades for you and do remember this is can be pretty high maintenance and you will need your roots done every six weeks!

The Pixie Cut
This isn’t for everyone but it is timeless and effortless. Choppy layers are the perfect way to add texture and dimension to this classic cut so that your look will be youthful not dated. Adding a few well-placed low-lights can create a really stunning, easy to maintain look that is perfect for all seasons.

Go With the Grey
Long gone are the days when grey hair needed to be hidden. Either embrace your silver stands and shine as you are meant to, or speak to your hairdresser about some adding colour so that you’re not only happy with your look but you also keep your confidence.

Tie it Back
If you have longer hair and want it out-of-the-way, go for a low, loose ponytail as opposed to a high one, and this will give a subtle, chic look that is perfect for yoga classes, work and when you don’t want hair getting in your eyes.

Add a Fringe
If you want to add style and hid the odd wrinkle, think about a fringe. Go for a feather, sweeping style, rather than a blunt line and you will get a much softer look that flatters your face and brings out your eyes.

Always used a good quality shampoo and conditioner and remember that a smile makes the world of difference too.

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Last updated on 26/06/2018.

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