How to Look More Polished

How to Look More Polished
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For many of us, our daily beauty routine consists of what we can fit in during the time we have (which is often about 30 seconds between pushing the kids out of the door for the school run and going to work). There are, however, a few little things that you can do which will give your whole look a more overall polished look. Read on for our tips:

Neat Nails

There’s nothing that can ruin a look quicker than having ragged nails, split cuticles and generally untidy hands. We suggest soaking your fingers in warm water, before trimming your cuticles and ensuring there’s no other ragged skin, and then shaping your nails with a file made from natural materials. Finishing with  dark nail varnish will make shorter nails look more elegant and Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream will ensure your hand stay looking good.


It’s more than possible for two people to wear the same outfit and for one to look better than the other, purely because they’ve accessorised beautifully! Go for statement necklaces or earrings and don’t be afraid to go for a bold contrast of colour against your outfit.

Well-Fitting Clothes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 6 or a size 26, if your clothes are ill-fitting it will always ruin the shape of your outfit. Make sure your buttons don’t gap, your waistband doesn’t pull in and that you don’t need to be constantly tugging at your garments as all of these things will destroy any chance of looking well put-together.

Good Hair

Even if you’re not the sort of person to do a full blow dry on your hair every morning, having a good hair cut means that you’ll look elegant with little effort. Find an experiences stylist and discuss with them exactly what you want before taking the plunge, and do be afraid to ask them to make alterations if you don’t immediately love it.

Moisturised Skin

You can do all the good hair and perfect outfits you like, if your elbows and knees are flaky and dry, you’re going to lose that polished look. Decleor Nourishing Body Balm is an intensive body balm to leave dry skin feeling nourished with moisture.

Last updated on 03/07/2018.

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