How to keep your hair under control this summer

www.pexel.comSummer is here and while you’re ready for parties and fun, quite often your hair will misbehave and let you down.

Frizz, limpness and greasy locks can all be a seasonal nightmare, but we have some easy fixes that will let you take back control of your hair so you look great.

Have a trim
While you might be growing your hair, the best way to keep it in good condition is to have a trim. Just having a centimetre or two taken off the ends will give it a sharp edge and keep things tidy and in good shape.

Wear a hat
OK, it might not be totally on-trend, but it’s all about prevention which means a hat is your new BFF. Whether you go for a cap, sun hat or big-brimmed straw number on your head, this is one way to keep your tresses in one place and safe from harmful rays.

Grease lightening
If you suffer from greasy hair it really can be the pits, but washing it more often can make the problem worse. We would suggest using a dry shampoo between washes and it will not only save your styling blushes but can help with the environment too as you’ll be using less water.

Stop chlorine in its tracks
We don’t have to tell you that chlorine can play havoc with hair, and if you’re fair it can turn blond to a paler shade of green, which we just aren’t keen on. If you do go swimming, rinse your hair straight away with a pool-specific shampoo to keep get rid of chlorine, chemicals, and salt from the sea. Oh, and when you do swim, either wear a cap (we know) or put up in a messy bun to keep your hair out of the water.

Get a serum
If you want to get rid of frizz, the best way to go by using a serum. Find one that works for your hair and use it when you really have to, but don’t go overboard on the products as this can cause build-up, something you just don’t need.

Twists and turns
If your hair doesn’t want to behave, twist it into cute bunches or plaits and you’ll create a whole new look that’s totally you.

Slick it back
A cool, smooth ponytail really does hide a multitude of hair sins and looks fab at the same time. Use a decent band or scrunchie, have gel at the ready if things are really out of hand, then rock that movie star style all the way to the bar.

Turn the temperature down
While you can’t control Mother Nature, you can step away from the hairdryer and tongs when it’s warm outside. Your tresses have enough to deal with when it comes to humidity and the sun, so if you add a blast of heat from your straighteners, it could get messy. Find a good shampoo and conditioner, towel dry your hair and try the natural look this summer and you never know, you might like it.

Use a mask
Experts believe that using a nourishing mask once a week can help keep your hair in good condition, and if you have dry or thick hair you may need to do this twice a week as it will drink up the goodness but you will be pleased it did.

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