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Dealing with the Beauty Sceptics

Dealing with the Beauty Sceptics
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For every skincare devotee, there’s always someone out there who is sceptical of all things beauty related. Here at Pure Beauty, we’re honest about the products we use and while we don’t claim they cure all, each and every one is useful at doing its own thing. Today, we thought we’d look at a few commonly uttered phrases by skincare sceptics and tell you why they’re definitely wrong!

“I live in the UK, why do I need sunscreen every day?”

Ultraviolet rays that are the cause of sun damage and skin cancer are always present. They are independent of cold or hot weather, and are not blocked by clouds. On overcast days, only visible rays (but not UVB rays) from the sun are blocked. The best way to protect the skin is with sun protection.

“Why should I spend money on expensive cleansers when soap will do the job?”

You should avoid soap on your face because it is a harsh surfactant which indiscriminately removes good lipids as well as dirt and sebum. This causes the breakdown of the skin’s natural moisture barrier which results in water passing out of the skin more rapidly making it severely dry. Opt for a soap-free cleanser like Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel.

“Only older people get age spots”

Hyperpigmentation can show up at any age, from the freckles sprinkled across a child’s nose to smooth, flat brown discolourations you may see as early as your mid-20s. Treating sun-induced brown discolourations requires a specific type of treatment using skin lighteners and forms of vitamin C plus daily sun protection to make a noticeable, lasting difference.

“Acne is something you’ll grow out of eventually”

Not everyone who has acne as a teenager will grow out of it, and even if you had clear skin as a teenager, there’s no guarantee that you won’t get acne later in life, perhaps during menopause – no surprise considering the link with hormones! What is true is that men can outgrow acne, because after puberty men’s hormone levels level out, whilst women’s hormone levels fluctuate throughout their lifetime, which is why many women experience breakouts around their menstrual cycle.

“I need to change my skincare as my skin is used to my current products and they don’t work as well anymore”

Skin doesn’t adapt to skincare products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet. You may see skin stop improving as much as it initially did, but that stands to reason: If you were using products with irritating or drying ingredients and then switch to brilliantly-formulated products, your initial improvement is going to be much more impressive than what you’ll see months later, when skin is maintaining its new-found healthy, younger appearance.

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