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How to have a stress-less week

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Do you wake up to your Monday morning alarm and dread the week ahead knowing that your stress levels will go up and you simply won’t get ahead whatever you do?

It is natural to have some stress in your life, but if you feel as if you are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster, we have some tips for each day of the week that could help you get off the ride and find some stability and calm.

Create a menu for the week. This might sound boring but knowing what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner won’t only take the pressure off finding something to eat three times a day, seven days a week, but it will also save you time and even money.

Do an online shop and get all your groceries in the cupboards once a month, batch cook if you can, ensure you have fresh salads and frozen fruit and veg as well as snacks lined up.

We aren’t saying that you can’t eat out, or get a takeaway, but knowing what’s coming next, and fuelling up on healthy meals, is so much better for your mind and waistline, so give it a go and feel your stress levels come down.

Parking negativity at the door can totally ease your stress levels. One way of doing this is to start a diary and try journaling. If you have worries, problems or are stuck on what to do about a tricky situation or toxic boss, writing it down can ease the pain. There are no plans and no rules, but putting that negativity down on paper can free your mind to enjoy the good things in life. At the end of each day, you can fill up your positive glass by thinking about what has gone well and then writing down three good things in your journal. A hot cup of tea with a friend, no traffic jams, a new client or even just a beautiful sunset can all add up and make you feel happier and more optimistic every day of the week.

Be realistic. Yes, you have a demanding job, a young family and friends you want to see, but you are human and can’t do it all. If we push ourselves too much we get stressed and burnout is a real danger, and that is something you do not want. Have a to-do list where you can prioritise your workload and personal demands, and as you tick each one off, you will get a sense of achievement and progress.

If you find things are getting on top of you, speak to your boss, delegate tasks at home, think about getting a cleaner and remember to take some time out each day for you. 10 minutes of meditation, a session of yoga or a soothing cup of ginger tea in the garden can be the break you need to take your stress levels down a notch or two.

By this point in the week, our energy levels can be flagging and the tendency to drink more fizzy drinks and snack on cakes and energy bars can rise. The problem is, this might give you an instant hit but the come down will be real and make you feel more stressed out in the long run. Why not think about changing from coffee to herbal teas or sparkling water with ice and lemon, as these will refresh and hydrate you rather than wiping you out. You can swap chocolate and cookies for avocado on oatcakes and a handful of almonds and these magnesium-rich snacks will empower you, not deflate you.

By the end of the week, you will start to see exactly how much you have achieved, and this deserves a pat on the back and a reward. This could be meeting friends for a glass of wine, buying a magazine on the way home from work, or booking a manicure in at the weekend. By celebrating our wins, big and small, we raise our endorphin levels and see just how well we are really doing.

And, relax!

Team Pure Beauty

Last updated on 22/07/2019.

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