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Happy holiday hair

Long days spent on the beach and by the pool are what summer is all about, right?

While we are constantly being reminded to look after our skin when the heat is on, many of take less care of our hair.

If you let your locks take the brunt of the summer sun, before long it will become dull, dehydrated and frizzy.

Don’t despair, you aren’t at disaster’s door yet and you won’t be if you follow our suggestions for keeping your hair in tip-top condition all season long.

Tone down the colour
You might like a lighter look for the simmer, but spending more time in the sun means your hair will lighten naturally. Try to highlight less during the summer months and instead concentrate on protecting your hair by using products that come with a sunscreen.

Add a mask
Why not let the midday sun make your hair healthier? Apply a deep-conditioning mask to you hair, comb into a bun and let the soothing ingredients get to work while you chill out. As well as protecting your hair from salt water and chlorine, doing this will also leave you with soft, shiny locks once again.

Shampoo like a pro
Shampooing your hair every day might be your usual routine but doing this can dry your hair and scalp and even more so during hot weather. Use a mild shampoo every other day, make sure you rinse all the suds away to prevent irritation, then go for a moisture rich, nourishing conditioner and leave to dry naturally.

Leave the products at home
Hairspray and styling products can be extremely drying so ditch them this summer. Many come packed with ingredients like alcohol and ethanol that can cause hair to snap and become brittle, but if you must use them, go for an organic product that is made from non-abrasive natural ingredients that soothe and repair your hair.

Turn the heat off
The sun will give your hair a blast of warmth, so leave the straighteners and curling tongs for nights out only. Rather than blasting with heat, twist random sections of your hair when it is damp, and secure with pins, then as it dries it will curl and by night-time you will be left with pretty waves.

Trim, trim and trim again
Your hair takes a beating during the hot summer months so book in for a trim every six weeks to help keep the ends healthy and strong and you will be glad you did come autumn.

Eat the right stuff
As well as looking at what you put on your hair, you also need to think about what you are putting into your body. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, spinach and eggs, as well as fruit, vegetables and whole grains, all help keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant .

Lots of water
As well as a decent diet, it is also vital to drink plenty of water, around 2 litres a day, for healthy hair and go easy on the cocktails as they will dehydrate you.

Have a great summer.

Team Pure Beauty

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