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Get fab abs from your food

You might be a total gym bunny or a Pilates queen, but if you don’t eat the right foods, no amount of exercise will give you the toned tummy you so desperately want.

Stock your kitchen cupboards with these winning ingredients, and your battle with that bulge could be over.

Insoluble and soluble fibre are found in this vegetable making it a ‘must-eat’ for good digestion. As asparagus is also a natural diuretic, it can help with water retention as well as acting as a prebiotic helping healthy gut bacteria to flourish.

This really has to be top of the superfood list for so many reasons. In this case, as well as offering essential fats, this little beauty is a belly blaster thanks to the high levels of naturally occurring oleic oil. Whether you add to smoothies, chop into salads or mash onto rye bread, getting avocado onto your plate is one of the best things you can do for all round good health.

Not just for packed lunches, these potassium powerhouses help us to get rid of sodium as we wee which means saying good-bye to bloating and puffiness. Not many people know this but bananas are packed with starch so when you eat one, your liver is encouraged to switch to fat burning mode, clever, hey?

These pretty little purple darlings contain a powerful antioxidant that is believed to speed up how we burn fat so it isn’t stored around the tummy area. Eat as a snack in the office, add to your morning porridge or pop onto pancakes and you will be happy that you did.

This comes with a distinctive taste but it is worth swallowing for the excellent digestive benefits. The roots, seeds and leaves all help deal with bloating, gas, diarrhoea, constipation and cramps as well as acting as a general anti-inflammatory. Thinly sliced fennel can be added to salads or you can take it as a tea – either way, we think it will help make you feel super confident about your stomach.

Adding wholegrain oats to your diet is one way to get a flatter tum, and if you start at breakfast then all the better. It is believed that eating oats can help improve your gut health and speed up your metabolism. Certain types of oats (including rolled) are full of the soluble fibre that helps to absorb water and slow digestion so you are left feeling fuller, for longer. This type of fibre is also a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria your tummy needs as well as helping to control blood sugar levels and blood pressure. What are you waiting for, start making porridge for breakfast and taking homemade fruit flapjacks to the office and you will feel fuller for longer.

It might seem obvious, but water also plays a role in keep your tummy healthy and trim. As well as your recommended eight glasses a day, experts say that drinking warm water on an empty stomach is excellent for your digestive system and stimulates the removal of toxins. It might not be your usual coffee kick but starting your day with a glass of warm water with lemon could be the first step towards a healthier, slimmer waistline, so why not give it a go?

Got a tummy trick you would like us to know about? Well, get in touch because we would love to hear all about it.

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Last updated on 25/07/2017.

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