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Find your fitness this summer

It is never too late to get in shape!

Believe us, we have been there.

Whether you are starting out, or are already on the road to fitness, why not start a mid-year fitness plan that will help you feel good and look great, today, tomorrow and in the future.

It’s OK to feel self-conscious
You might not think it, but most people in the gym, at a class or on the netball court, will feel some level of self-consciousness and vulnerability, at some point.

Do not let this put you off!
Remember everyone had to start somewhere, and those people who look like they are in control will have felt just as scared as you at some point. Own it! Wear something you feel good in, get some great trainers and see this as a positive step ahead that will make a massive difference to your life!

What did you say?
Ever thought about how you talk to yourself? Let’s be honest, most of us will use kind words with family, friends and even colleagues, but negative ones with ourselves and that isn’t going to do your fitness confidence any good.

I am too fat, too old, too out of shape to do this, aren’t phrases that will help and you don’t need those voices in your head. If you reframe it and see that you are strong, determined and making great progress, this is far more beneficial and in time, your mindset will change. Be kind, be consistent and be patient, it will be worth it.

Find something you love
If you are going to exercise, you need to do something you love, otherwise you won’t keep it up. For some of us it’s aerobics and step, others like aqua classes, running, rowing and salsa are all options, as is walking, Pilates and basketball.
It doesn’t matter what you do when it comes to fitness, but getting your heart beat up, being a little hot and sweaty and taking your body out of its usual comfort zone, will help you more forwards.

Have a goal
Maybe you want to tone your tummy, be able to run a 5k charity race or feel good about your arms, whatever it is, have a fitness goal and work towards it. You don’t have to be perfect, you simply need to do your best and work towards your goals with enjoyment, positivity and determination.

Focus on you, not a screen
This isn’t the time for a comparison war, it is the time to focus on you and what you want to achieve. Social media can really impact us when it comes to exercise and body image and make us feel old, out of shape, slow and wanting to quit. Let’s be honest here, those IG images are often filtered and manipulated, so it’s not the reality of any situation, including yours.

It is totally fine to be inspired by someone else and to aspire to be the best version of you, but don’t be fooled that what you see online needs to stop you from chasing your dreams. The best thing to do, is stay in your lane and if something on social media makes you feel bad, sad or mad, stop following and get on with your life.

Reward yourself
Each time you go for a run, take a dance glass, play football or swim 30 lengths, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate all your fitness wins.

We are excited to see where your exercise journey will take you, and we know you’ve got this, so go for it.

Team Pure Beauty

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