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Take a break and relax in five minutes

www.pexels.comYou’ve got 87 new emails in your inbox, the next conference call starts in five minutes and your to do list is growing by the minute – arghhhhh. When you are feeling frazzled, and a long weekend at the beach to regroup isn’t on the cards, you can reset your calm in less time that you think.

We have put together a list of easy ways to relax and relieve stress in just five minutes, or less.

Sip green tea
Instead of heading for another coffee, go for a green tea instead. Boil the water, pour it out, and once cool take a soothing sip of tea which contains a source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger.

Have a square of chocolate 
Just one square of good quality, dark chocolate can help calm your nerves, regulate the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body and stabilise your metabolism. What’s not to like?

Get some gum
Minty, fruity, or bubble-gum flavoured, gum is a surprisingly quick and easy way to beat stress. Just a few minutes of chewing can help to reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels, but always go for a sugar-free option.

Stretch it out
Ever 30 minutes, get up, stand away from your desk or workplace and stretch. A few simple shoulder rolls or chest-opening stretches can ease muscle tension and help you to relax instantly.

You don’t need to go on a retreat to meditate, as five minutes of peace is all it takes to feel the benefits of meditation. Find a quiet, comfortable spot, sit down, close your eyes, concentrate on your breath, and feel your anxiety start to disappear and the mist to clear.

Close your eyes
If lists and numbers are flashing in front of you, take a quick break by closing your eyes so you can regain calm and focus.

Get a stress ball
It is so simple, and so old school, but squeezing a stress ball is a great way to relieve all that built up tension and saves you dealing with a panic attack when things just get too much.

Try cold water
When stress hits, leave your desk, walk to the bathroom and run the cold water on your wrists and behind your ears. There are arteries underneath the skin in these area, so cooling them down can help calm your whole body down.

Get organised
Trying to work in a mess of Post-It notes, cables and pieces of paper can be stressful in itself. Take a few minutes to organise your work space and make a list of what needs to be done today and you will start to see the wood from the trees once again.

Whether you walk up and down the stairs, dance around the kitchen or run to the shop, getting up and moving for even five minutes can work wonders for your stress levels and your mood.

Whether it is Beyonce, Justin Bieber or The Beatles, put your favourite song on, and sing it at full volume as you dance round the room. We bet you’ll find being lost in music for five minutes will fix a bad mood and take your back to better days.

If you have more than five minutes, you can of course come in and see use and whether you go for a facial, massage or soothing body treatment, we can get you back on track.

Last updated on 15/05/2018.

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