Natural ways to winter proof your mood

www.pexels.comWhile winter is a great time for spending time at home, one dark, quiet night after another can take its toll on your mood. Many people struggle with various levels of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but there are ways you can deal with this.

When it comes to SAD, it all about those feel-good chemicals in your body and brain, and the less you have, the lower your mood will be. You can take drugs to help ease your symptoms, but we’ve had a look at some natural ways to boost your happiness even when it is cold and dark outside.

Up your vitamin D
Your mood and hormones rely on vitamin D to work well, and if you don’t get enough, things can start to slide. Vitamin D-rich foods like fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks, and fortified cereals are one way to up your intake, and adding a supplement can also help ensure you are topped up and happy. Check-in with your GP or pharmacist to find a product, and dose that works for you.

Light up your life
For some people, the answer to winter blues comes from using a special lightbox. Do your research, find a product that is in your budget and give it a go! You can also buy alarm clocks that wake you up with a ‘natural’ light rather than an alarm that can actually break your sleep too abruptly.

Get outside
You might not know this, but exposure to cold weather increases both blood flow and endorphins and both can help to pick up your mood. Going for a brisk walk, maybe doing a couch to 5km challenge or jumping on your bike and riding the blues away could be the answer you have been looking for. Do something you enjoy, buddy up with a friend and your mood will be glad you did as those feel-good chemicals flood your body.

Oil up
We are massive fans of essentials, because not only are they natural and smell amazing, but they can also calm you down and make you feel happier in return. Lavender is a great place to start, so diffuse this during the day and night and start to breathe in winter happy vibes.

Have a massage
Go ahead and treat yourself to a massage. These sessions can ease away aches and pains, and as you lie in the quiet, with no one asking anything of you, your stress levels will ease and you’ll leave feeling so much happier and relaxed. Speak to your therapist and see which treatment could be best for you and then lie down and let your problems leave the room.

Make time for tea
As the sun goes down, why not cosy up on the sofa with a warm cup of organic tea. Green, black, and white tea come with a wonder compound called L-theanine that can help with the blues or just sip a herbal infusion, but whatever you do, take the time to sit down, kick back and relax.

If things get really bad, speak to a friend or your GP and get the help you need to make the cold, dark months more enjoyable.

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