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Kick social anxiety to the curb

www.pexels.comIf you are feeling shyer than normal, want to avoid crowds and even a meeting at work feels too much, it could be that social anxiety is getting the better of you.

We know it is rotten and can make life tough, so we have had a look at how you can manage social anxiety so you feel good enough to get out there again.

Don’t avoid things
Totally avoiding situations that cause anxiety, can actually make things worse in the long run. Getting out of something might make you feel better initially, but you are still going to feel anxious the next time you’re asked to do it. Whether it’s talking to new people in the staff canteen, giving a presentation at work or going to a yoga class, take a deep breath and even if you only go for a little while, try it and we think you will feel better.

Why not set yourself a test by trying to do something that makes you feel anxious and nervous. Start with small, realistic goals, such as volunteering to speak at the next team meeting or going to a different bar with your friends at the weekend. Each time you do it, and enjoy it, your confidence will improve and you will want to do it again.

Even if something doesn’t work out exactly as you expected, learn from that experience, move on and do something different next time.

Leave your comfort zone
Social anxiety tends to go away once we start doing the things that make us anxious because it is often the thought of doing something that makes us fret. So, when a situation arises that makes you nervous, like walking into a coffee shop alone or asking someone to be your partner in the gym, feel the fear and see what happens. At worst they will say they are already working with someone, at best you might make a new friend and have some fun!

Pilates, meditation, a warm bath, massage and reading a good book, can all help you to relax and regulate your anxiety. Doing something quiet a and spending time at home, can give you the levelling you need when life is busy and social anxiety is treading on your toes.

Open Up
We aren’t dismissing the severity of social anxiety, so if you really are suffering and things aren’t getting better, tell someone how you’re feeling. Talking to a close friend, your partner, mum or even a work colleague your trust, could feel you feel better and will give you a cheerleader in your corner for when you do take those first steps. Anxiety is something you can get help for, but opening up to someone and admitting that you have a problem, can be the first step on the road to recovery, and if you do need more help, speak to your GP.

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