Summer hacks for hydration

Drinking water is one of those things we know we need to do, and it sounds super simple, but let’s be honest, it can be really www.pexels.comeasy to let things slide.

The reality is, if we don’t drink enough water it can lead to dehydration, headaches, poor skin, fine lines and much more.

We have put together some easy hacks that will keep you topped up and hydrated all summer long.

Wake up with water
We know sipping a coffee is just how it is for many people first thing, but drinking a glass of water instead, can become a new habit in no time. Go for cold water in a tall glass with a little lemon juice and you will find this fruity start to the day, will set a pattern for the future.

Keep a jug of water in the fridge
Whether it’s a Brita-type filter jug, or just a large glass bottle you refill as needed, ensuring you have cold water at all times is a key factor to success. As well as having a cold supply of water all day, going to the fridge for a refill will give you reason to get up and walk around. Spoiler alert – more water will also mean more trips to the bathroom!

Make swaps
Being hydrated doesn’t mean only drinking still water. Sparkling water and herbal teas will also keep you hydrated, but too much caffeine has a diuretic effect on your body and this can actually lead to dehydration. If you’re drinking caffeine to get an energy boost, then green tea can help, but you may be surprised how much more energy you have by simply hydrating better.

Get creative with ice cubes
Adding cucumber, ginger, mint and pineapple to your ice cube trays, means you’ll not only add flavour to your glass of water, but you’ll detox, alkalise and beat bloating at the same time.

Get water from your food
You can get even more H2O from your diet by choosing foods that are high in water content. Cucumber, celery, strawberries, melon, tomatoes, spinach and peppers are full of water, and double up as a healthy alternative to those sugary afternoon snacks we are tempted to dip into.

Have a water chaser
For every non-water beverage you drink, follow it with a glass or two of water. This will help to dilute and flush out sugar, caffeine and any preservatives or chemicals from your system.

Set water goals
Yes, you read it right. If you set a goal for the day and track it in a notebook or download an app like My Water Balance, you can see if you’re reaching that target. This can make drinking water feel like more of an accomplishment, especially if you’re competitive by nature.

Get a water bottle
We aren’t talking about a plastic one use bottle, but a reusable one that you can take with you and fill up as needed. Go for something pretty that you like, and if it has a big mouth, you can pop those infused ice cubes in too.

There are many benefits of drinking water, right from weight loss, digestion and gorgeous skin, so follow these tips to sneak in the sips and we assure you that drinking water will no longer be a chore.

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