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Do you automatically reach for coffee when you feel tired?

www.pexels.comWhen it’s a struggle to get out of bed, a pain to keep awake in your Monday morning meeting and hell by the time mid-afternoon hits, reaching for the coffee may well be your go to fix, but it might not be helping you in the long run.

We have had a look at how you can banish those bleak moments that blight your day without going for that familiar caffeine hit.

Eat little and often
Regular meals support your blood sugar so have a protein rich breakfast, try to make lunch your main meal of the day and don’t eat a large meal late at night as this can make falling asleep hard which won’t help at all.

Snack it
Dates, figs, apricots, pecans and pumpkin seeds not only give you an energy boost but also add to your vitamin and mineral intake, which is to a good thing for overall health. You will also find that strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries not only give you a Vitamin C boost but are packed with the antioxidants that keep you happy and healthy.

Lunchtime boosts
A sandwich and bag of crisps might be the easy option when it comes to lunch, but by 3pm you will running to the vending machine for chocolate. When it comes to lunch you need to fuel up and eggs are a great option because they contain the amino acids you need for a healthy diet and they’ll keep you fuller for longer. Sweet potatoes are rich in B vitamins and slow-releasing energy, so as well as avoiding a nap under your desk, they’re easily digested so you are less likely to feel bloated. A lack of iron can decrease the oxygen flow to the brain, leaving you feeling shattered, so adding spinach to your lunch can give you some afternoon get up and go.

Don’t stop moving
If you work in an office and always send your colleagues emails or phone them, get up and walk to see them. Take the stairs rather than the lift, having meetings outside to get fresh air and get up every 15 minutes and stretch to give your body a break from your chair. Outside of work, take some regular exercise. Whether you join a netball team, start training for a 5k charity run or go to a dance class, find something fun that you enjoy and you will find rather than feeling more tired, you will be full of energy.

Drink more water
A lot of people struggle to drink enough water, but it really can make a difference to your energy levels and overall health. Aim for eight glasses a day and if plain tap water doesn’t float your boat, try adding lemon, cucumber and ice to jazz it up. Ginger, liquorice or green tea are also a brilliant alternative to coffee.

Get some rest
It is a really good idea to get out of the rat race of life once in a while. Have a digital free day at the weekend, enjoy time with family and friends, go to the cinema, mediate or do yoga to unwind and set your frazzled brain free.

Sleep well
If you feel tired all the time, you might actually need to see how much sleep you are getting. We all need a different amount of sleep but having a warm bath before bed, turning off screens and keeping your bedroom well ventilated can help to promote a good night’s sleep and a happier, more alert you.

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