Three basics wellness steps that work

www.pexels.comIf the ‘new year, new you’ thing has got you in a tangle and the choice of diets and eating plans leaves you feeling overwhelmed, fear not – you’re not alone. So many of us make a big list of New Year’s resolutions that we just can’t keep up with, so they fall by the wayside as the decorations go back in the loft and life goes on.

To make things easier, we suggest you forget the apps and expensive plans, and instead stick with the three wellness areas of hydration, nutrition and movement, and everything else should come together as nature intended.

Drink Well
Drinking water is a really basic, but really important way to ensure you are well. Being hydrated can cut down on your headaches, improve concentration, help make your skin glow and it is needed for every bodily function. While it’s really easy to drink the recommended 2-3 litres of water a day during the warm summer months, in the winter it isn’t always quite as simple – because it’s cold! Yes, you can have a cup of tea or coffee but watch out for the caffeine, and instead try herbal infusions as they taste good and work for your body not against it. If detoxing is on your mind, you can get specially created detox infusions and a simple slice of lemon in hot water when you get up, rather than a mug of builders brew, will give your body a great kick start. Keep a glass of water on your desk and a bottle in your bag and drink on the go – use a reusable bottle of course.

Eat Well
Winter isn’t the best time for keeping to a healthy diet, because we tend to want to dive into stodgy comfort food that has lots of salt and sugar. Porridge is good for breakfast, soup makes light of lunchtime, and go for hearty stews packed with veg for dinner to keep vitamin and mineral levels up. Rather than going in heavy with sugars and salt, think about how you use spices. One real winner, if you have a sweet tooth is cinnamon, which is meant to keep your blood sugar levels, well, level, and it counteracts sugar crashes so keeps your mood stable. Add to that morning porridge, put onto your coffee, and a dash in a smoothie will give it the kick you need.

Move Well
Bodies simply feel better when they are active so move around if you want to live well. Box sets on TV, scrolling on your phone and nights in the pub might be what you want to do, but doing it all the time isn’t a great idea. Walk to work, park further from the shops than usual, get on your bike, have a swim, take the stairs or go our dancing rather than watching back to back episodes of Breaking Bad if you want to keep your body active and your mind happy.

None of this is new, but we hope it takes away some of the conflicting advice that is out there right now and allows you to be happier and healthier which is something we all deserve.

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