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Boost your energy the natural way

www.pexels.comOK, we are more than halfway through January and Blue Monday has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean keeping your energy levels balanced is an easy task and you might find things get worse before the feel better. The cold weather, dark evenings and lack of money is enough to zap the spark from even the happiest, high on life kind of person, but you can help yourself, the natural way.

There are many reasons why you might be struggling but we have some natural pick me up hacks that could see you through until the spring.

Snack out of it
You might want to open the family size bag of crisps or finish off the Christmas Quality Street stash in one sitting, but this isn’t going to do anything other than give you a quick fix and grow your waistline. Bananas, apples, apricots, mangos, and oranges are packed with vitamins, minerals and natural sugars which will keep you alert and things like nuts and chia seeds work to give you a nice slow release of energy as day goes into night so add them to your shopping list.

Get more sleep
We aren’t telling you off, but sleep is one of the biggest reasons behind a lack of energy, so make sure you are getting enough. You should aim to get around seven hours of sleep every night and there are ways to make this happen:

• Eat your last big meal at least three hours before bed so that your food is fully digested and you’re not trying to sleep on a full stomach. Also, give caffeine a rest, drinking water or herbal teas instead.

• Do not look at your phone for an hour or more before bed if you want your brain to shut down.

• Have a warm bath before bed.

• Do some meditation or light yoga.

Be sociable
We aren’t saying you need to be ‘out, out’ but spending time with family and friends can be good for your energy levels, as well as your mood. No, a DM on Facebook won’t cut it. Social isolation doesn’t help any of us, so while the sofa and Corrie might be what you want to do, taking off your slippers and doing something with other people will take the slump out of the winter months. If you’ve had a break-up, moved somewhere new or are shy, look at joining a club, book group or a class, and new people could be the motivation you need to up your energy levels and find the good in life once again.

Stretch it out
A few simple desk stretches could be enough to lift your mood and put a bit of energy into your day. Maybe do a few downward dogs before your afternoon cuppa and make sun salutations your ‘go to’ for an early evening pick me up.

Ease off the booze
We know we have said that being sociable can be good for you, but when you go out it doesn’t mean you need to knock back a whole bottle of wine. It might make you feel good at the time, but your sleep will have been ruined, so the next day you’ll feel slow, lethargic and your energy levels will be ZERO. We aren’t saying don’t drink but we are saying you don’t have to get plastered to have a good time.

Have a laugh
Laughter is the best medicine, a great stress-buster and can boost energy levels too. Go to a comedy club, watch Friends, look at cat videos and just laugh it out – try laughter yoga at your peril.

Head outside
Put your coat and gloves on and go outside. You might not want to face the wind and freezing temperatures but even a quick walk will invigorate you and boost your energy levels as the endorphins fly around your body and make you feel great again.

Take water onboard
We know that drinking water can feel like a drag when it is cold, but if you don’t get enough H2O onboard, you will feel sad, mad and bad. Go for eight glasses a day, keep an eco bottle in your bag and while you might think that a latte is your friend, water with a slice and ice will be better for you and your energy levels.

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Last updated on 20/01/2020.

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