The secrets for eating for shiny hair and glowing skin

ID-10012078When it comes to skincare products, we all have go to lotions and potions we love. Whilst vitamin C packed products can help us achieve luscious locks and bright skin, the real key to looking great lies in what you put into your body.

There’s no denying that the health of our skin, hair and nails is linked with what we eat and drink. A diet that is high in antioxidants foods, as well as vitamins, minerals, fluids and good fats, plays a vital role in the appearance and health of all these things.

Yellow peppers equal a radiant complexion
Research by the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that women who ate a higher amount of green and yellow vegetables, which contain vitamin C, had fewer wrinkles, particularly those pesky crow’s feet. One yellow bell pepper contains more than double the daily requirement of C, which is more than the infamous glass of orange juice we all reach for. Go for the brightest peppers as these are packed with the most nutrients, especially the powerful antioxidants that stimulate collagen production and protect the skin from the dangerous free radicals that damage it.

You can of course get Vitamin C from eating eating broccoli, kale, cantaloupe melon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, mango and oranges.

Unleash the power of almonds
Not many people know this, but these bland looking nuts are packed full of magnesium; a key nutrient for ensuring nail resiliency and strength. It is easy to know if you are deficient in this mineral as you’ll see ridges on your nails, known as Beau’s lines, something none of us want.

Almonds also come loaded with protein, an essential building block for healthy nails and hair and consuming good sources of protein is essential for strong, healthy nails.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, quinoa and whole grains are all high in magnesium and contain protein, too. So add them to your shopping list and experiment with your cooking.

Oily fish is a must
Oily fish like salmon, anchovies, sardines and mackerel are fantastic for health on so many levels as they are some of the best food sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies can’t produce. These fats are key to tip top brain and cardiovascular health and helps us achieve great skin, too. Not only do they lubricate internally, they also keep your skin moisturised and young looking.

If you don’t fancy fish but want to capitalise on the benefits of these essential fats, go for other sources, like walnuts and flaxseed instead.

Get shiny hair with eggs
Eggs are powerhouses rich in protein and biotin, a B vitamin that is essential for hair growth and scalp health. Biotin helps produce keratin, the hair’s main protein, so enjoy them boiled, poached or scrambled and see the shine come out.

If eggs aren’t for you, then you can supplement your diet with other protein-rich foods such as poultry, meat, beans, nuts and whey protein. Almonds, avocado and salmon are also rich in hair-healthy B vitamin so be sure to eat some everyday if you want to look, and feel, your very best.

Go for it, what have you got to lose?

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