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Take care of your skin from a young age

www.pexels.comYou might be baby-faced right now and get asked for ID when you order at the bar, but this won’t last forever and doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin.

In fact, quite the opposite.

When it comes to skincare, we believe it is never too early to start taking proactive steps to keep your complexion healthy, happy and looking great, today, tomorrow and for a long time to come.

We have some tips that we hope will give you the basis of a good routine that will last a lifetime.

Wear SPF every day
Come rain or shine, wear an SPF every day to keep your skin safe from sun damage. A tan may look good now, but the sun could take away your youthful looks, and even your life, in the future. UVB rays can burn your skin in the quest for a glowing tan, but the UVA rays can age and ravage your skin because they go deep into every layer causing trouble as they do so. These rays are always around and can reflect off concrete, sand, water, and snow, which is just as damaging as direct exposure. Your daily activities in your teens and 20s will affect your skin for years to come, so slap the cream on and wear glasses and a hat too!

Use the three-step beauty routine
This simple, but effective, morning and bedtime routine will help to ensure you’re doing everything you can to take care of your skin.

Step 1: cleanse your skin to take away make up, dirt, excess oils and sweat and this will give you a clean base to work from and peace of mind that your complexion is being well taken care of. Do look at the best products for your skin and whether it is dry, sensitive, greasy or blemish prone, there will be a cleanser that is right for you. Even if you are shattered after a long day, don’t skip this and sleep in your make up because this really won’t do your skin (or bedding) any favours.

Step 2: toning might sound old-fashioned, but get the right one and it can work wonders for your skin and keep it in tip-top condition.

Step 3 – moisituring is key to healthy skin as this will add hydration and keep your complexion looking clear, smooth and healthy.

Add an eye cream
Hydration around the eyes starts to become important in your twenties as this is skin is the thinnest on your face and the most sensitive so it is generally the first place to show signs of ageing. Start using an eye cream at night to help maintain moisture levels and to combat any signs of puffiness or dark circles. If you feel like your skin is feeling tight, use in the morning as well but, remember to go for a product that is right for your needs and age.

Don’t forget to exfoliate
In addition to the above daily routine, exfoliating your face twice a week is also a good idea. This simple step will help to remove dead skin cells and keep your face clean, smooth and happy.

Ditch the bad habits 
You might look good at 20, but if you are tanning, taking advantage of happy hour most nights and smoking, the chances are your skin will start to show signs of your lifestyle. We aren’t saying don’t have fun, but ditching the cigarettes, swapping vodka for water a few nights a week and opting for a spray tan rather than a sunbed, can really help keep your skin safe, healthy and youthful for longer.

We are all busy, but adding exercise into your life can really help your skin and all-round physical and mental health. A run in the park, paddle boarding session on the river or a workout in the gym will get your body pumping, those feel-good endorphins following and give you a glow that no make-up can compete with.

Look at your diet
Skincare doesn’t stop at what you put on your skin, but what you feed it too. What you eat and drink will impact on the way you look, and feel, not only today but in the future too.  A diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, good fats, and water, will help your skin looking great, your mood will be lifted and you will have more energy. Eat little an often, don’t skip breakfast, swap coffee for green tea and add seeds to your smoothies for an extra boost all round.

If you have any questions about your skincare routine and finding what works for you, get in touch and we would love to help.

Last updated on 31/07/2018.

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