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Top tips for great hair

www.pexels.comMany of us, wash our hair while we are in the shower, blast it with the dryer, style with tongs or straighteners, tie it back with a band and then wonder why it doesn’t look glossy like the celebrities on the red carpet.

While you can’t have Vidal Sassoon on speed dial, you can have lush looking locks by simply making a few small changes to the way you treat your hair every day.

A lot of people don’t actually get their hair really clean when they wash it, which means, over time, product builds up and this can cause dullness and a lack of shine. Try shampooing your hair twice rather than once and you will soon see a big difference. The first wash removes dirt and grime, and second gives you the chance to get it totally squeaky clean, but wash all the lather away for the very best results.

You might think conditioning your hair is a waste of time, but we don’t agree and believe it can make a huge difference. Go for a good quality product that is right for your hair and make sure you wring out all the water before applying the conditioner. Excess water in your hair will dilute the conditioner and won’t allow it to work as well as it could. This is especially important if you have coloured and highlighted hair or split ends which need a little love before your next cut. Leave the conditioner in for a minute or two, then rinse and wrap in a soft towel which will soak up the excess water.

Leaving your hair to dry naturally saves time and money and it also takes the heat away from your delicate tresses. As much as we love doing this, we know that if you do leave nature to dry your hair, it can look a little messy and out of control, which isn’t always what you want. To stop this from happening, gently towel your hair, then adding a little product is all it takes to stop the fluffy look from taking over. A curl or wave cream can be all you need to create a natural look that you will love. If you want a sleeker style, spraying a little hair oil can work wonders and if it’s body you are looking for, go for a plait and when you let your hair loose, you will look like a total beach babe.

Dry Shampoo
When you use dry shampoo, think about prevention rather than cure. If you have fine hair you will know that it can get oily, fast, but by adding dry shampoo to freshly washed, damp hair before drying, will not only add instant volume but also means you can longer between washes. We would suggest you add a dry shampoo to your gym bag or suitcase as it can be a total beauty lifesaver if you are short on time but still want to look, and feel, great.

When to Wash
One of the most common problems when it comes to hair is over-washing. Every time you wash your hair, your natural oils and proteins are stripped away, so try not to do it every day. We know all hair types are different but if you can wash yours every other day, tying up greasy hair if it bothers you when it isn’t super clean, it will work in your favour in the long run.

Summer Loving
We are getting good at looking after our skin in the summer, but we don’t always do the same for our hair. If you are out in the sun a lot, wear a hat or scarf and not only will this help your hair but stop your scalp from getting burnt too. If you are swimming in the sea or a chlorinated pool, rinse your hair when you get out of the water and use a shampoo that can help your hair retain moisture.

Don’t Split Up 
Split ends are an age-old problem but by using creams, oils, and special serums, you can smooth out those issues until your next cut and a do remember that using a hair mask weekly can also really help and make a huge difference in your hair health.

Go for Good Tools 
We have talked about skin already and you need to treat your hair the same way by using the best products you can. Investing in top quality shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling tools (including combs and brushes) will really make a difference to your hair and will keep it looking healthy and strong and feeling soft and silky.

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Last updated on 07/08/2018.

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