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Summer beauty tricks

www.pexels.comWe don’t know about you, but as much as we love summer, it can be a pretty high-maintenance season when it comes to keeping your beauty game on track.

Beach breaks, pretty dresses and longer nights are all great, but add in fading hair colour, foundation build up, sweat, breakouts and frizzy hair, and you really need to up your game to look, and feel, as fresh as a daisy.

We have got some quick, easy tips that we hope will see you through from now until late September.

Lighten up your foundation
Let’s start with foundation, and if going bare is a step to far, then think about trying out a BB cream. Known as Beauty Balm, or Blemish Balm, a great BB cream is a one-product-does-everything summer saviour. Hydrating ingredients like shea butter and hyaluronic acid, a broad spectrum SPF, plus antioxidants are blended with a touch of colour to even out your skin so it looks great and can breathe however hot it gets in the midday sun.

Add an exfoliator
If you don’t use an exfoliator at the moment, we would suggest adding it to your beauty routine at least for the next few months. Gentle facial exfoliation will help keep your skin free of clogged pores, clear away dead skin cells and create a clear canvas for easy moisturiser, sun cream and make up application. It is really important to remember that exfoliation does reveal new, sensitive skin which could be prone to burning in the sun, so exfoliate in the evening and also keep the sun cream topped up the next day to be safe.

Colour protecting shampoo
Maintaining glossy locks can be a full-time job in the summer, so to help prevent the sun from fading your highlights, switch to a specifically formulated shampoo and condition for colour-treated hair. Many come with UV-absorbing filters and extra moisturising ingredients, so as well as keeping your hair looking vibrant, it will prevent it from becoming dull and dry which can really drag you down.

Change your perfume
When the temperature rises, you don’t want the heady, heavy perfumes that are perfect on winter nights to control your senses, so swap for a light, crisp, refreshing scent instead. Citrusy, fruity, floral notes are all great and for us, it has to be Marc Jacobs’ iconic Daisy Love fragrance.

Remember your feet
We take care of our face, bodies and hair, but don’t forget about your feet. Hard skin on your heels and chipped nails can be the result of months spent in flip-flops and sandals but they can totally bring down an otherwise flawless appearance. Try to have a regular pedicure, correct mistakes as they occur and when you are outside, apply suncream to your toes!

Creamy eyes
Creamy eyeshadow could be a game changer for your beauty bag this summer. Often more water-resistant and long-wearing than their powdery sisters, go for pale, pretty light reflecting shades for a natural sun kissed look that will take you from dusk to dawn.

Don’t forget your primer
Natural oils can separate the pigments in foundation, making your skin look uneven and blotchy as the day gets warmer. Using a primer might seem like skin overload, but it can create a shield that prevents things getting messy by midday.

Lip balm rather than lip gloss
Super shiny lip gloss is great for winter glam, but go for a tinted lip balm in the summer for a long-lasting, cleaner look.

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Last updated on 05/06/2018.

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