Make 2018 your best year ever

At the end of every year we look back on the past 12 months and remember the good, the bad and the ugly.

52 weeks is a pretty long-time but it’s gone in the blink of an eye, so why not make the next 365 days really count?

We aren’t saying totally change the way you live, that simply isn’t achievable, and is the easiest way to be sitting on the sofa eating Jaffa Cakes by the end of January feeling sad, but small changes do add up.

Chloe Leibowitz, a Life Coach, said, “This January, think about what you really want in your life, and implement small new habits over time to create BIG changes. If you implement one new habit each month, giving it time to stick, just imagine the upgrade to your life over 12 months!”

Drink more water. With the party season over, this is the perfect time to ensure you get those eight glasses of water a day. Start your day with lemon and warm water, have a bottle with you at all times and if you need some flavour, orange and mint are a great combination.

Why not make a difference this year and give something back. There are endless causes looking for people to volunteer their time and we are sure an organisation near you would welcome you with open arms. From reading at your child’s school to delivering meals to pensioners and painting the community centre, doing something selfless for someone else makes you feel pretty good.

As the nights start to get lighter, this is the perfect time to build your exercise levels. Find something you enjoy doing and try to do it at least three times a week, ensuring your heartbeat raises and blood is really pumping through your veins together with those feel good endorphins.

While you should use an SPF everyday on your skin, this is the time of year when you really need to remember to wear it. Even if it is cloudy outside and the temperatures aren’t scorching, those damaging rays can still penetrate your skin and that isn’t a chance you want to take.

If you are worrying about your to do list and having trouble sleeping, why not try journaling? There are no hard or fast rules for this, but get yourself a pretty notebook, write down your worries and ideas for a whole month, and before long it’ll be a helpful part of your day.

As summer approaches, have a clear out of your wardrobe. Pack away your winter jumpers and coats, give your dresses and skirts a wash and buy a few new staple pieces to bring your favourite clothes to life.

As the temperatures rise, it might be tempting to cool down with ice creams and fizzy drinks, but they can be full of sugar and empty calories so remember your pledge to drink more water in January and also reassess your diet to ensure you are eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean protein.

August is the perfect time to get outside and soak up some mood boosting Vitamin D, but wear that sun cream and don’t burn.

As the kids go back to school, this is the perfect time to look at learning something new. Whether it’s Spanish, cooking, knitting or golf, find something you are passionate about and make a pact with yourself to put that grey matter to the test.

On 1st October make a pledge to start planning Christmas. It might seem like you have all the time in the world but buying one or two gifts each time you are at the shops, writing cards in the evenings and booking your Christmas food delivery slot can all help take the pressure on in the days leading up to the big event.

With life getting busier, adding mediation into your life this month may well make sense. Spending just ten minutes a day sitting quietly, paying attention to your breath and focussing on your mind can make all the difference to your mood and coping strategies when the world around you is chaotic.

This month is the time to let your hair down and enjoy the festivities. Hopefully over the past 11 months you will have concentrated on creating a happy, balanced life so as the party invites come in, you will look and feel great and be able to have a fantastic time.

Happy New Year from Team Pure-Beauty

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