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Are Your Intolerances Affecting Your Face?

Are Your Intolerances Affecting Your Face?
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When it comes to the ageing process, most of us are pretty savvy and know about the normal things which will speed it up – smoking, alcohol and sun exposure being the most common. There are, however, a whole slew of things which could be ageing you without you even realising it, and today we’re showing you just five of them:

Processed Foods

While whole, fresh foods contain nutrients that the body needs to grow and repair itself, processed foods often lack these nutrients and contain additives and preservatives which can speed up the ageing process. Obviously we’re not suggesting never eating a sausage again, but aiming for fresh meat and veg, as well as nuts containing beneficial oils, for most of the week will help to halt the effects that processed foods can have.

Poor Eyesight

It’s amazing just how many people there are who stubbornly refuse to admit that their eyesight has got slightly worse as they’ve got older, but constant squinting is going to exacerbate crows feet and fine lines around the eye area. The simple fix here is to go and have an eye test and get yourself some specs with the correct prescription, but you can also undo some of the damage by using Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex.

Drinking Through Straws or Sports Bottles

Obviously, the main thing about smoking which causes ageing is the nasty chemicals you’re taking into your body, but also the constant pursing action of your lips creates deep lines around your mouth, and this same action is repeated if you drink through straws or from a sports bottle on a regular basis. Swap your bottle for a regular cup and use Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm to reverse some of the wrinkles.

Your Pillowcases

If you use a pillowcase which is made from a stiff material such as linen or Egyptian cotton, it may feel luxurious but it can also be adding to your wrinkles. Stiff materials press into the skin causing indentations which can, over time, become permanent. Softer materials such as satin, silk, or jersey are MUCH better for your skin as they don’t form hard creases, and using a good night cream such as Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream will give you the best chance of waking up fresh-faced.

Low Fat Diets

For years, we were taught that fat makes you fat and that the best way to lose weight and avoid heart disease was to cut fat out of your diet. These days, the accepted wisdom is that fat doesn’t make you fat and is actually an essential component of a healthy diet. Good fats include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil, all of which contain omega-3 fatty acids essential for cell renewal.

Last updated on 19/01/2018.

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