Keep your immune system strong

Before the party season gets underway, why not take a look at how you can boost your immune system so you can keep healthy as you burn the candle both ends this December.

If you make a conscious effort to look after yourself you will be at an advantage when it comes to fighting bugs, tiredness and overindulgence.

Berries for Breakfast
Packed full of super antioxidants, berries are a great, easy way to boost your immunity. Add a handful to porridge for breakfast, blend them into a smoothie full of goodness and vitamins or snack on them rather than reaching for another bar of chocolate.

Vitamin D
If you live in the UK, it is unlikely you will get the Vitamin D you need to keep healthy from the winter sunshine, so we suggesting taking a supplement. This said, still try to get outside for some fresh air and exercise everyday as this will help keep you fighting fit.

Go for garlic
Garlic is a great way to keep colds and viruses away so add it to your food, or if you don’t like the taste, take it in capsule form instead to benefit from the same effect.

Laugh often
Yes, this really can help. Laughing can get actually get your heart racing to nearly the same level as rowing and running, bet you didn’t know that? It also helps you deal with the stress that can lower your immune response. Watch a funny film, go to a comedy club or even try laughter yoga and your mood and immunity will reap the rewards.

Don’t worry, be happy
Yes, you might have a lot to do before the big day, but the happier and more relaxed you are, the stronger your immune system is likely to be. Keeping your stress levels down, enjoying snuggles with your partner, walking your dog, listening to relaxing music, having a regular massage and taking time away from screens are all ways to decrease anxiety and keep your immune system in tip-top condition.

Watch what you eat
Buffets and free drinks are tempting but they won’t do your waistline or well-being a lot of good. We aren’t saying don’t have a good time, but if you want to be fit you need proper nutrition. Even during the party season, aim to eat your five a day every day, drink plenty of water and pay attention to serving sizes if you want to keep on track.

Get sweaty
If you want to feel and look good, you need to exercise. Running around the park, cycling along the river, swimming, taking a spinning class or fencing all get the heart racing and blood pumping. Aerobic exercise gets endorphins speeding round your body which will make you boost your mood as well as your white blood cell count, both of which are vital when it comes to fighting disease.

Have an early night
Like exercise, sleep is essential for good health. When you sleep protective cytokines levels in your body increase and inflammatory cells decline, which means less sleep can result in a deprived immune system. Get into bed, turn off the lights and sleep away the stress of the day.

We wish you and your immune system all the best!

Team Pure-Beauty

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