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Keep calm, it’s only Christmas

www.pexels.comSay ‘Christmas’ to a friend and you either get a smile or a look of sheer horror, depending on how organised they are, and what they have left to do before the big day.

Let’s face it, Christmas is meant to be fun, not a big ball of cash strapped anxiety, so while there could be the odd argument, why not follow our festive steps so you can be as cool out as your glass of ice cold wine.

It is all in the planning
OK, this might be a little bit late, but even if you start to plan now, you are less likely to end up in a pickle in the coming weeks. Make a list (once you have read this) of the Christmas presents you need to buy, food that needs to be ordered, dates when you are busy and you will soon start to get a clearer idea of what is left to do. This is also the time to look in your wardrobe and work out if you have all the clothes you need for your parties and events, if not, pop to a local charity shop, and as well as finding something new for you, you can take the things you don’t need and do a good deed for someone else.

Have a budget
The longer you leave it when it comes to buying gifts, the more likely it is you will spend too much on the wrong things. Work out who you need to buy Christmas presents for, look at what you think they would like and set a budget. If money is tight, have a shop around and see where you can find offers or make savings and remember that a well thought out gift that is beautifully wrapped, will mean so much more than a tenner bunged in a card!

Progress not perfection
We are going to say this once, stop trying to make everything perfect and just go your own way this Christmas! Step away from social media feeds that are full of showcase homes and bright white smiles. Just remember that those picture perfect images will often be 100% staged, and there will be cable carnage hiding behind that pristine Christmas tree snap. If you stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect, there is more chance of keeping calm and having a great time, which is what matters.

If you find that things are starting to get on top of you, find a quiet spot and for a few minutes simply sit and focus on your breathing. By doing this, you will be able to slow down, see what really has to be done and you can then move forwards, calmly.

Make it
If you want to show you care, save some money and do something for the environment, why not get crafty this Christmas? Set aside an afternoon and you can get to work making your own Christmas cards (hand deliver the local ones if you want a breath of fresh air), make your own crackers for the table, cook cookies and fudge for family and friends and if you feel really creative, you not make a festive, floral wreath for your door. All of this might sound like hard work, but when you put on some carols, light a scented candle and get stuck in, your mind will be taken away from the chaos and you will start to feel calm and enjoy the moment.

Think about you
We know only too well that it is easy to leave yourself behind when you are looking after everyone else, but if you don’t you are going to crash and burn. If you are out shopping, stop and have a cuppa and piece of cake, if you don’t have time to go the gym then walk to the recycling centre with your cans and bottles, and why not get away from it all and enjoy a calming facial or massage?

Get some sleep
The wrapping can wait, your health cannot. At this time of year it is vital that you try to get a good six to eight hours sleep as this can help to boost your mood, improve your memory and allow you to keep going. A warm bath before you go to bed, no screens in the bedroom and a little lavender oil on your pillow can help take things down a notch or two so you can zone out and get some rest.

You see, Christmas might be a loaded event, but it shouldn’t cause you anxiety and grief, so try to enjoy the atmosphere and fun and make this your calmest festive break ever.

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Last updated on 11/12/2018.

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