Perfect Your Pout Without Fillers

Perfect Your Pout Without Fillers
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In the past, cosmetic surgery was reserved for Hollywood stars and the super-rich, but with the advent of non-surgical treatments like lip fillers, almost everyone knows someone who’s had some type of work done. In fact, last summer, one clinic reported a 200% surge in requests for lip fillers, and we suspect the numbers are just as high around the UK. However, if you want a plumped pout without the pain and price tag, we’ve got some tips for a more gentle alternative:


If your lips are dry and cracked, the skin contracts and makes your lips look thinner. Getting rid of the dry skin is the first thing you should be doing, using a little Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator. Buff the lips using a small amount on your finger (making sure you don’t swallow any!) and wipe away with a clean cloth to get rid of all of your dry, flaky skin.


The next step is to give your lips plenty of moisture and plumping action, with some Elemis Pro-Definition Eye and Lip Contour Cream.  It’s a rich eye and lip contouring cream containing active plant stem cells from edelweiss, combined with skin supporting mafane flower and alaria esculenta. Thin, dry skin around the eyes and vertical lip lines appear firmer, plumper and re-densified.


Using a concealer on your lips not only gives them a better base for lipstick to attach to, it also allows you to create a canvas on which to over-line your lips a little. As long as you don’t go too mad (think Coco Chanel rather than Coco the Clown!), you can create a slightly larger lip which looks totally natural and blends beautifully with the surrounding skin.


Adding a dab of lip gloss to just the middle of your pout can have a surprising effect. We’re not sure how (something to do with deflection of light, maybe?) but glossing the centre of your pout makes your lips look much fuller. If you want matte lips, you can create a similar effect by adding a little concealer or white eyeliner in the centre and applying your lipstick over the top.


When thinking about what lipsticks to use, the darker you go, the more you’re going to shrink your lips. Dark lipstick creates a more defined edge against your natural lip line and make the lips look much smaller. Pinks are apparently the best colours for faking a fuller pout.

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