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Hydration hacks for the summer

www.pexels.comThere is no denying that summer is well and truly here.

Hot days and balmy nights see us swapping jeans for shorts, jumpers for strappy dresses and forget boots, it’s all about flip-flops right now.

While all the glorious Vitamin D boosting sunshine may leave you with a healthy glow, add in the humidity and those extra cocktails at the bar, and summer can totally zap the moisture from your skin and hair.

We aren’t saying do not go out and enjoy all that the great weather has to offer, but we are going to help ensure you stay hydrated and healthy.

Wear Sun Cream
We have said it before and we will say it again, always wear sun cream, even when it is cloudy. Go for a broad-spectrum product with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater to block the UVA and UVB rays. Apply it before you go outside, and keep out of the sun when it is at its hottest as this is when the most damage can happen. Reapply during the day and if you go into the water, put more cream on when you dry off as this is when your skin can be vulnerable to burning. If you do get burnt, have a cool shower, apply an after-sun product that contains aloe vera as this can help soothe and moisturise your skin, drink plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate and if you need to, take ibuprofen or paracetamol to ease the pain.

Don’t Ditch Your Routine
Healthy, youthful looking skin, whatever your age, needs moisture so continue with your usual beauty products and routine. Cleanse, tone and moisture morning and night and if you can use a product that contains Hyaluronic Acid, your complexion will thank you. Hyaluronic Acid occurs in your body naturally; it is what makes skin look plump and healthy so if you want to keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay, think about adding a serum into the mix and you will be surprised at the difference it can make.

Keep it Cool
Baths might help you relax, but the hot water can take the moisture from your skin and hair, so go for a cool shower instead.  This can help to take the heat down a notch or two, boost your circulation, remove toxins and make your skin tingle. Go on, we dare you!

Drench Your Hair
We often forget our hair and bung it in a bun in the summer, but the sun, sea, sand, and even that city dirt, can take it from shiny to grimy in no time at all. By day go for a good quality shampoo and condition that will look after your locks, and if you are swimming a lot, think about using a chlorine specific product to wash away those damaging chemicals. By night your friend is coconut oil. Comb a couple of teaspoons of this natural hydrator through dry hair and either leave it on for half an hour or even better sleep in it at least once a week. Wash as normal and you will find your hair is full of life once again and softer than ever.

It’s in Your Diet
When the mercury rises try to up your fruit and vegetable intake. Moisture-boosting foods include cucumbers and watermelons, so add them to your morning smoothie and the minerals, natural sugars and vitamins will make you a hydration winner before you even leave the kitchen table.

Drink Water
Now more than ever is the time to drink water as this will not only will keep your skin and hair healthy but will stop you from feeling faint and tired. Buy a pretty reusable bottle (the planet needs looking after too), and if you fancy something different, add lemon, cucumber and mint for a tasty, cooling drink on the go.

Happy summer everyone.

Team Pure Beauty

Last updated on 03/07/2018.

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