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How to wear your make-up well this winter It might be cold and wet in January and February, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look our best in the draining winter months.

From the elements outside, to the endless layers of clothing, central heating and public transport sweating, it’s no wonder that our make-up melts faster than a snowman when the sun comes out.

We have some sure fire beauty hacks that will help you look put together whatever winter throws at you.

Turn to oil
You might think oil will make you look greasy, but it actually locks in moisture and adds hydration, so there is no flaking when it comes to your make-up. You can either use a little under your moisturiser, or add a drop or two to your make up and buff them together. Rather than going for one solid, thick layer of foundation that will slip away by the time you get to your desk, you need to go for several sheer, smooth layers for a dewy, fresh look.

Powder power
Far from being for older ladies, powder is a magic product that can save the day. Using loose powder, rather than dry, to set your make-up and concealer will help prevent creasing and wrinkling which is something you really want to avoid. Powder won’t age you, it will help you get a healthy look and if you stick to oily spots that cause bother, you will be winning the winter beauty battle.

Look for creamy products
Cream blushers, bronzers and highlighters will stay put for longer than other options. Go for a subtle shade to give you a healthy, youthful look and let your blush warm up your face, even when the temperature is colder than cold.

Waterproof mascara
You might not be going swimming, but waterproof mascara is a great idea in the winter. Our eyes often get weepy, gritty and tired, so if you don’t want panda eyes when the icy winds blow your way, go for lashes of waterproof mascara and you will look front row fabulous.

Use wet brushes
Ever noticed that when you put your eye shadow on it looks great, but the next time you look in the mirror it’s up above your eye brows? Yes, this is a common problem, but let it happen no more to you. Our top tip is to make your brushes slightly wet and not only will this set things in place, but it will add power to the colour of your make-up and give you a pro-look in an instant. You can of course opt for gel eye make-up but these tend to offer a strong, statement look and are great for nights out rather than the weekly team meeting.

Pucker up
You can put a hat on your head, and gloves on your hands, but there is no escaping the elements when it comes to your lips. Make sure you use a good balm during the day and this will help to not only lock in moisture and prevent chapping, but it can also keep your colour stronger, for longer.

Got a winning hack, send it our way.

Team Pure Beauty

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