How to look good in photos

Let’s face it, from selfies to group hugs, photos are becoming a part of everyday life and with many snaps being put online, you want to look good.

Double chins, closed eyes, smudged make-up can be filtered out of the equation, but our guess is you would rather they weren’t in the picture from the start.

Follow our photography tips and you will that you’ll always look great in pics.

Think about unicorns
Nope, we haven’t lost the plot but rather we know when we think about nice stuff, our faces look happier. Real thoughts of happiness help put a genuine smile on our faces and help us look, and feel, calm and happy rather than having a forced, fake smile that screams ‘I don’t want to be here’.

Be your best you
OK, this might be over thinking things but if you know which bits of you, you like and which bits look best and this is what needs to be focussed on in your photos. If your lips are on the thin side, when the camera clicks, have them slightly parted and blow lightly as this will give the illusion of being fuller. If you are conscious of having a round face, don’t look at the camera straight on, instead turn your head slightly to the side. If you want to take the focus off your nose, move your jaw forward a little and this helps with a more balance profile and better picture.

Find ‘your’ smile
This might sound over indulgent but rather than a stab in the dark at your sister’s wedding, why not perfect your smile before the big day? Many celebrities and models are snapped with the same smile and pose time and time again and always look great. We know this is in part because they are beautiful but it is also because they know what works for them. Get your phone and take some photos, or ask a friend to do it for you, and find a smile you love and stick with it. Practice makes perfect, right?

All about the lights
We know you can’t organise this for every photo, but a lot of image success is down to the lighting. Avoid harsh shadows as these make blemishes worse and don’t look directly at the sun or it will be squint city. The best lighting is when it is even from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin, and from cheek to cheek.

Keep your body straight
You can easily get lost in the background of photos so when sitting down, sit up straight and ensure you are on the edge of your chair. This helps lengthen your body so the camera captures you at your best.

Hands on your hips
There is no doubt that putting your hands on your hips is a winning look as it will accentuate your waist and make you look slimmer. To get this look right, position your hands with your fingers out, palms facing behind you and you are on course for natural and comfortable shot you will want to shout about.

It’s all about the clothes
These tips can help you look good on and off-screen. Wearing darker clothes slim your body, thighs and arms whereas horizontal stripes make your hips and waist appear wider than they actually are, so steer clear and go for block colours. Keep lines clean and sharp and while they might on trend for S/S17, floaty sleeves, accentuate the thickest parts of your arms making them look bigger, not cool.

Cameral level
Whether it is an iPhone or fancy camera, having the device at eye line or slightly higher is great as you will get a defined jaw line and more flattering photo.

Keep it simple
Keeping it simple really is at the heart of the photographic matter. Don’t force your pose too much, stand up straight, try to keep things relaxed and don’t look like a baby deer caught in headlights either.

Happy snapping.

Team Pure Beauty.

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