How to heal a hangover

Nothing says welcome to a new year than a hangover!

A splitting headache, feeling sick, being sick, suffering with dizziness and sweats, as well as those oh so embarrassing flashbacks to the night before, can all be the consequence of drinking too much.

The problem with alcohol is that while it tastes good and can turn you into a demon on the dance floor, it can also make you feel terrible the next day.

We hate to break it to you but there are no cures when it comes to hangovers (unless you just don’t drink), however, we know people like to party and so we are here to help ease the pain.

First of all, do not drink on an empty stomach. Eating a bowl of pasta or having eggs on toast before you go out will help your body to absorb your drinks and stop you from falling over!

It is also important to only drink what your body can cope with, so ease up on those shots and have at least one glass of water, if not two, between each cocktail or pint of beer.

This isn’t to do with a hangover, but if you are out in a pub or club, keep an eye on your drink and do not accept drinks from strangers, Yes, they may just be feeling festive, but drinking a spiked drink could leave you with more than a hangover, so stay with your friends and stay safe.

When you get home, don’t dive for another bottle of wine or beer from the fridge, instead have a couple of slices of wholemeal toast, drink plenty of water and take a glass up to bed with you too.

The next day 
When it comes to hangovers, it is all about rehydrating your poor body so it can get to work dealing with all you have inflicted on it, so drink plenty of water. We would suggest that you avoid the ‘hair of the dog’ approach because while some people say this works, drinking even more alcohol when you are already feeling awful, won’t help, so steer clear.

Ease the pain
You might reach for pills when your head feels like it is splitting open, but don’t overdo it with these! For a healthier alternative try milk thistle as it is believed this will help your liver process alcohol faster, so take it before you go out and again the following morning and it may well help you to feel more human again.

Eat something
While the thought of food might make you gag, it is going to help you feel better, sooner. It’s all about the baby steps, so start with something bland, like a piece of toast or a digestive biscuit, and if that stays down, a banana could be a good move. Chicken noodle soup is packed with protein and a good source of vitamins and minerals, so this is a good way to top up depleted resources and ease a sore tummy!

Vitamin C
When you have treated your body to a really big party, it needs to be replenished with vitamins. If you can stomach a glass of orange juice that will give you a good dose of Vitamin C, add a multivitamin and things will start to get better, but you will have give them time to work.

Get clean
Have a shower. Slobbing out in front of the TV, feeling dirty and sweaty from the night before is a sure way to keep a hangover going. Shower, wash your hair, clean your face and put on clean clothes (even if it is pjs) and that will help you feel a little fresher, if nothing else.

Move around
We know you don’t feel like even standing up when you are hungover, but exercise can help to restore your body and mind. A walk in the fresh air, a little sunshine and a light breeze all have wonderful restorative powers and the metabolism boost can help rid the toxins from your body a little faster.

Get some sleep
If all else fails, go back to bed! Rest is your friend when you have a hangover, so if nothing else works, an extra hour or two of sleep will help a lot!

And the next time you go for those BOGF cocktails, remember the pain they cause the next day and put the brakes on.

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