Give Your Skin a BOOST with Pure Beauty

Give Your Skin a BOOST with Pure Beauty
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Here at Pure Beauty, we often hear our customers say that although they’re happy with their every day skin routine, sometimes they feel as though they need a little something extra to give their skin a BOOST. Luckily for them, we stock a whole host of products which are designed to do exactly this, so today we’re sharing with you our top 5 beauty boosters:

Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster

This booster from Dermalogica does exactly what it suggests in the name – when applied to sensitive skin it gently soothes the face, reducing redness and allowing skin to recover from whatever has caused it to be over sensitised. It’s oil-free and can be used alongside your normal skincare products to reduce irritation and calm acne or razor burn, leaving your face feeling normal again.

Elemis Daily Moisture Boost

Unless their skin is made of some sort of weather-beaten leather, most blokes will tell you that nothing leaves the skin feeling more stripped than shaving. Running a blade over your skin might be an efficient way to remove hair, but it will also remove moisture and leave the skin feeling lacking in vital nutrients. This moisture boost from Elemis is designed for use after shaving to replenish the skin with all the things that shaving takes away, leaving skin feeling hydrated and supple.

Decleor Face Tan Activator Serum

Getting a tan is more than just a case of sitting in the sun, and sometimes you want to prep your skin to maximise your tanning potential. This tan booster from Decleor can be applied before your SPF to prepare the skin for the sun by boosting its natural defences, promote an even and long lasting tan and prevent skin from ageing. Perfect for slipping into your beach bag on holiday!

Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster

If your skin is feeling dull and weighed down, or struggling to push back against the ageing process then there’s a good chance that you need a good exfoliating product to rid you of dull, dead skin cells. This booster from Dermalogica uses a blend of hydroxy acids and natural humectants for increased cell renewal, giving you more supple, healthier-looking skin. Lactic and citric acid help to smooth the skin and reverse the signs of ageing.

Elemis Hydra-Boost Serum

Thirsty skin often needs a boost to get it back to its fully hydrated glory, which is why Elemis created this serum. It contains a highly-targeted blend of acids and oils which work together to infuse the skin with moisture and lock it in so that skin stays hydrated for the long term. It also contains anti-oxidant compounds which help to bolster the skin’s own natural defences.

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