Free Your Forehead!

Free Your Forehead!
Photo by Shannon Litt on Unsplash

You might not think about your forehead all that much, and if that’s the case then good for you. But for some people, their forehead is a source of concern and this could be for a number of reasons. The forehead usually makes up around a third of your face, and if you don’t have a fringe covering it, it’s out there for all to see! Here’s a list of common forehead problems and what you can do to fix them:


The forehead is an expressive area of your face, unless you’ve had Botox, and it does a lot of moving around, making it prone to wrinkles. Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum is a powerful formula which will help lift, firm and tighten the appearance of facial contours with Vitamin C and DMAE for powerful free-radical protection. Pay extra attention to the deepest lines which are usually between your eyes.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a particular problem for foreheads, causing the area to look flaky and making it hard to get make-up to apply smoothly. Exfoliate the area with Decleor Phytopeel Smooth Exfoliating Cream to get rid of any flakiness and then moisturise with Dermalogica Power Rich to keep the dryness at bay.


The forehead can be an area which is often prone to acne – in contrast to super dry skin, the forehead can overproduce sebum which will clog pores and cause breakouts. Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster is a fast acting acne treatment that works within 15 minutes and is formulated to help stop breakout causing bacteria.


If you’re prone to redness, you’ll know that the forehead is usually a problematic area. Sensitised skin on the forehead can often feel tight and itchy, adding to the discomfort and making you even more aware of the issue. Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence is a lightweight advanced treatment toner that helps calm and balance sensitive skin and will reduce redness and make the skin feel less tight and uncomfortable.


The forehead is a rally common area for hyperpigmentation, perhaps because it’s eposed to sunlight all year round. It can make sufferers feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable, so tackling it with a targeted product is essential. Dermalogica Pure Light is an advanced, medium-weight, daytime broad spectrum moisturiser that treats hyperpigmentation while shielding the skin from pigment-inducing UV light.

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