Don’t let moths ruin your clothes

www.pexels.cpomLet’s face it, most of us have gone to get a favourite item of clothing out of the wardrobe only to find it has been chewed by MOTHS!

Moths breed all year, but do their most damage between June and October and holes are the result of eggs and larvae chewing through your clothes.

We have had a look at how you can make sure your clothes stay moth and hole free, and you can thank us later.

Go for a deep-clean
As we have said, it’s the larvae that cause the problems, so have a look in your wardrobes, cupboards and drawers and if you find what looks like tiny grains of rice, you need to get the hoover out as these guys are the villains. As well as a good vacuum, wipe down surfaces damp cloth and anti-bacterial spray, or go for vinegar diluted with water if you want a moth free zone.

Spread clothes out
As well as less clothes in your closet being good for the environment, this also means it will be harder for larvae to move between items of clothing and it also helps keep your wardrobe ventilated. Moths love nothing more than warm, humid spaces, so if you don’t have those on offer, they won’t be stressing you out.

Keep your clothes clean
This sounds obvious but it’s the smell of human sweat that larvae like, so wash your clothes regularly, especially knitwear, and don’t leave dirty clothes in piles on the floor for longer than a few days. Do check labels and where you can, go for a hot wash to get rid of any nasties – moths and otherwise.

Look after your expensive items
If you do have expensive items, you could think about putting them in garment bags, and dry clean them after wearing them, but take clothes out of the dry-cleaning bags because the plastic attracts the dust that bothersome moths love.

For those vintage finds, remember these can actually be a source of moth infestations, so make sure you wash or dry clean them before putting them into your wardrobe.

Store clothes correctly
If you do change your clothes each season, wash and dry them before packing them away and store them in vacuum-packed bags. Cashmere jumpers and silk scarves should be wrapped in tissue and stored in an airtight box with a sachet of silica to absorb any dampness.

We would suggest that you leave cardboard boxes out of the picture, as moths can chew their way through these in no time at all.

Add oils
Natural products offer extra protection for clothes from moths which hate the smell of cedar wood, lavender and eucalyptus. Cedar wood blocks or sachets of lavender will make sure your fluttery visitors stay well away.

Change your washing powder
Using lavender-scented washing powder and conditioner is another way to deter moths from making a home in your house. This will help protect your clothes, as well as linens and towels, and of course means everything will smell clean and fresh.

Good luck.

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