Don’t worry, be happy

Monday the 20th March is the International Day of Happiness.

Created by the United Nations, this is a celebration of being happy, not only on 20th March, but all of the time.

While the world might be full of doom and gloom, with the media portraying troubled times ahead, it doesn’t mean you can’t be cheerful and it doesn’t take much to get a smile on that pretty face of yours.

You can also bet that if you are happy, you will pass those feel good vibes onto others around you.

“I love to take my dogs for a long walk by the beach and get away from my desk” Helen

“Baking makes me so happy, it makes my kids happy too.”

“Being on my allotment with nothing but my flask and fresh air always makes me happy, even if it is raining.”

“My grandchildren laughing is the best tonic for happiness.”

“A coffee with a friend and a really good natter makes everything better”.

“A ride on my bike first thing on Saturday morning always makes me smile’.

From this we can see that being happy isn’t about having lots of money and designer clothes, but it is more about embracing the moment and appreciating the little things in life.

Still struggling to think about something that will make you happy? Do not worry because we have done the work for you and think you will be smiling like a Cheshire cat in no time at all.

Meet friends for a drink after work.

Do some volunteering and help others.

Buy fresh flowers and put them around your home.

Have a spring clean.

Take a yoga class.


Book a holiday.

Visit an art gallery.

Smile at a stranger and say hello.

Put on your favourite song and dance around the living room.

Write a letter.

Create a vision board.

Read a book.

Bake a loaf of bread.

Phone a friend who you would normally text.

Offer to read with your children and their class.

Wear your very best shoes to the supermarket, just because.

Take up the offer of a blind date.

Do some gardening.

Take a digital detox and enjoy freedom.

Visit a stately home and pretend to be the lady of the manor for the day.

Jump on a plane and have a fun weekend away somewhere new.

Go to a stand up comedy night.

Eat a bar of chocolate and don’t feel guilty.

Go to the cinema in the middle of the day, and go big with the popcorn.

Run a hot bath and enjoy a glass of wine as you soak away your worries.

Watch your favourite film and say all the words you know.

Walk rather than taking the bus.

Pay off your credit card.

Eat fish and chips on the beach.

Have a neck and back massage and feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders.

Read that book you have had on your list forever.

Donate to a charity you don’t usually support.

Cook dinner for the whole family and enjoy a fun night together.

Breath and look around you!

Whatever you do, remember that life is short and choosing happy is cool.

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Team Pure-Beauty

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