Which Elemis Range is Best for You?

You may have noticed that, here at Pure Beauty, we’ve recently added a whole new brand to our site: Elemis. It’s a well-known and well-loved brand which contains products we have huge amounts of faith in and which compliment the products we already sell from Dermalogica and Decleor. To help you to get to know the brand if you aren’t already familiar, we thought we’d give you a brief run-down of each Elemis range and who they’re best for.

Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising

If your skin has been feeling dull and lifeless, then this is the range which will kick it back to it’s former glowing beauty! It contains energising products which will brighten and reinvigorate skin, encouraging cell growth, leaving your skin looking healthy and balanced.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Anti-Wrinkle

This range from Elemis is a sturdy defense against the signs of ageing, harnessing the power of marine actives to delicately smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles ensuring skin appears plumped and refined. Best for ageing or prematurely ageing skin, the range contains cleansers, masks, balms, eye creams and everything you need to banish wrinkles for good.

Elemis Men

Fairly self-explanatiry, this is the range of Elemis products aimed solely at men. However, it doesn’t just contain the usual offering of shaving products and a one-size-fits-all moisturiser, there are actually a broad selection of washes, scrubs, eye creams, moisturisers and other products which are perfect for the men in your life.

Elemis Sunwise

The Elemis Sunwise range contains products to help you with a healthy glow, such as tan accelerators and gradual tanning lotions. Perfect for use in the lead up to a holiday if you want to look tanned when you get there but also help to protect your skin in the sun.

Elemis Pro-Definition Lift and Firm

If you feel like your skin just isn’t as tight as it used to be, then this is the Elemis range for you. It contains creams for day and night, as well as a specific one for the delicate eye area, which will re-firm and reduce the appearance of sagging jowls, cheeks and chin, perfect if you’ve already started to show the signs of ageing.

Elemis White Brightening

Hyperpigmentation is a really common problem with ageing and prematurely ageing skin and can be difficult to hold back without the correct products. This range from Elemis is designed to actively brighten the skin, remove areas of hyperpigmentation and give you back a more even complexion. It’s a full range of cleansers, spot correctors and lotions to bring you back to brightness.

Elemis Body Soothing

Elemis Body Soothing is just as much about the mind as it is about the body, harness the power and fragrances of many botanicals to create a range of products which calm the mind, aid relaxation and soothe away the troubles of the day. The products are dedicated to pampering and will leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed and smelling incredible.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing

This range of products is designed to resurface the skin and complement the body’s natural exfoliation cycle, encouraging cell renewal and healthy regrowth. The products are designed to gently rid the skin of dead cells, revealing new, healthy skin beneath, leaving you looking radiant and refreshed.

Elemis Body Performance

These products from Elemis are intended for use when you’ve been pushing your body to the limits, either in the gym or after a super busy day on your feet. It contains muscle soaks, rubs, oils, gels and brushes which are designed to keep your skin and muscles supple, dynamic and detoxed for maximum strength and vitality.


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