Don’t let stress get you down

www.pexels.comFamily demands, a to-do list as long as your arm, and friends wanting you to go out and party every weekend, makes for a busy, but sometimes stressful life.

It is one thing to ensure everyone else is happy, but you need to look after yourself too. You can keep saying you are ‘fine’, but don’t let life get too much so you hit rock bottom and burn out – then you aren’t any good for anyone.

We have had a look at some simple, easy, straightforward ways you can look after yourself without feeling like you are letting anyone down – including you.

Eat well
Bags of crisps, bars of chocolate and energy drinks might give you an initial boost, but there is no substitute for good food in your diet. Try to make sure you are eating fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy fats each day, and if you do eat meat and fish, try to go for good quality, organic options. If you think you might not be getting all the nutrition you need from your meals and snacks, trying a B12 or omega-3 supplement and adding a little green goodness, like spirulina, to porridge and smoothies can really help you get into a more relaxed headspace.

Fresh air
Being stuck between indoors all day can make you feel claustrophobic, which won’t do your stress levels any favours. Getting outside, walking in the fresh air, maybe near the river or sea, and actually taking in the sights around you, can be really grounding. Make time to leave your office, desk, till or workstation at least once a day, turn off your phone, forget the demands on your time and simply enjoy the nature and fresh air as you walk on by.

We know it is a bit of a buzzword, but meditation can be a simple, easy, free and enjoyable way to get stress under control. You don’t need to go to a class or download a clever app, you can simply get started by sitting down somewhere quiet, focusing on your breathing, and trying to keep your mind free of anything other than the here and now. If your mind does wander to that difficult client or what to make for dinner, simply refocus and in time you will find that you really enjoy savouring the moment and letting stress drop away.

Write it down
Staying organised and putting pen to paper has more power in getting your stress in check than you might imagine. When there are a million things running around in your head, start with one list and you’ll be surprised how many small stresses disappear from your life when you have a clearer idea of what is going on day-to-day.

Switch off the caffeine
There is nothing nicer than snuggling up on the sofa to watch the TV with a warm drink, but caffeine really can hike up stress levels. Ditch the lattes and go for peppermint, chamomile, and lemon tea, and still get that glow, but without the artificial hit that can keep your brain busy worrying about things you just can’t control.

Get more rest
Many People struggle to drop off but when you don’t get enough sleep, this can leave you feeling groggy and irritable. Try going to bed a bit earlier, switching off your phone, having a warm bath, doing some more meditation and of course, if you really need it, take a power nap in the day too.

A problem shared
There is nothing more helpful and reassuring than having a good chat about your worries with someone you trust. They may have already been there and have some advice about your concerns but having someone simply listen can be the most therapeutic thing in the world.

Do something for you
Whether you have a nice meal, go for a swim or book in for a massage, taking time out for you and letting the stresses of life take a back seat, can make a big difference. Schedule some time in once a week just for you, and we think you might be surprised at the changes you see.

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