Tips for Getting Your Sun Protection Right

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Here at Pure Beauty headquarters, we’re keeping everything crossed in the hope that some warmer weather might FINALLY be on its way. This means that all thoughts are turning to sunnier days spent outdoors, which in turn means getting our sunscreen on. Although it might seem like a simple case of “slap it all on”, there are some little tips and tricks that you can use to make sure you get the full coverage you need for proper protection, so here’s a few of them:

Use a Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders are all the rage right now, a new and improved way to apply make up to the face. However, using a beauty blender to apply your sunscreen to your face can be a great way to ensure even coverage and to help your skin to really absorb the lotion you use. Opt for a silicone beauty blender so that you don’t end up absorbing the lotion into the sponge instead of your skin, and try to ensure you apply around a teaspoon of sunscreen to your face for proper coverage.

Apply Liberally

This one may sound obvious, but you need to make sure you get it EVERYWHERE. So many people apply their sunscreen and then realise they’ve missed a huge area when it’s too late and they’re already burnt. Even if you have straps covering your shoulders or shorts on your legs, fabric can move and sensitive areas are left vulnerable. Applying your protection BEFORE you get dressed is always a good idea.


Applying sunscreen isn’t a one-time thing, unless you opt for something which is designed to last all day, and even then things like sweat or swimming can reduce the effectiveness of your lotion. Try to reapply every two hours to remain protected and possibly more often if you’re doing a lot of activity or spending time in water. Don’t forget, water can also reflect the sun and increase the intensity of a burn, so opting for a sunscreen which is water-resistant will also help.

Get Some Help

Unless you’ve got arms like Mr. Tickle from the Mister Men, there’s a good chance that you simply won’t be able to reach every single area that needs to be covered. The best thing you can do is ask someone to help you; make it a labour exchange where they do yours and you return the favour! If you simply don’t have any help, opting for a spray-on sunscreen may also help.

Think About Timing

Sunscreen takes at least 15 minutes to soak in and reach full effectiveness, so applying it as you shoot out of the door will leave you susceptible to burns. Ensure you leave enough time for your sunscreen to soak in before you leave the house to ensure that the lotion you use is really working for you.

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