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Sleep like a baby

Last week, summer really came to town and while many people love the warmer weather and soaring temperatures, for others it makes hay fever worse and sleeping difficult.

‘I love the sun but getting to sleep and staying asleep is so hard.’

‘When it is too hot outside my house really heats up and trying to get any sleep is almost impossible so I am too grumpy to enjoy the sun the next day.’

‘The summer is here but so is my hay fever which sucks as it makes sleep really difficult.’

We have put together some ideas that we hope will help you get a better night’s sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and able to enjoy the day ahead of you.

During the day, shut your windows and keep the blinds and curtains closed. Make rooms as dark as possible and try to keep the hot air and the sun out. By doing this you’ll have a cooler room in the evening, when you can open the windows again and let fresher air flood in.

You might want to think about sleeping downstairs on really hot evenings as lower floors tend to be cooler.

You probably won’t feel much like a roast dinner when it is 90 degrees, but if you do want to sleep better in the heat, having a light evening meal with water is probably your best bet. Salads, fruit and smaller protein based snacks and meals will fill you up, but won’t heat you up!

Take a cool shower rather than having a bath before you go to bed. As well as helping you to cool off, a shower, rather than a bath, will rinse away any pollen on your hair and skin that could cause problems as you try to drift off.

Applying a light after sun product to your skin, even if you haven’t had too much sun, can be a great way to cool off before you climb under the sheets.

Put clean pillow cases in the freezer an hour before you go to bed and them will feel wonderfully cold when you lie down to go to sleep.

Another freezer tip, and this time it is for your water. Put a half full bottle of mineral water in the freezer in the morning and at bedtime, top the ice up with cold water and you will have a chilled drink all night long.

Either wear cotton clothes in bed, or none at all. The hot weather will make you sweat more than ever and PJs won’t help you have sweet dreams, so keep those for Christmas.

You will probably also want to ditch your duvet and swap it for a lighter blanket or sheet.

Get a fan. These can be purchased quite reasonably at many shops, as well as on Amazon, and can make life more comfortable when the temperatures are high.

Once you’ve got a fan, put a bottle of frozen water in front of it and let the fan blow over the cold bottle to cool you down. Yes, really.

If you are feeling creative, why not take your covers and water outside and sleep under the stars?

However you do it, we hope you manage to get some sleep even on the hottest nights this summer.

Team Pure Beauty

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