Busting Some Common Beauty Myths

Busting Common Beauty Myths
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If you’ve ever had a conversation with anyone about something beauty related, I guarantee they’ll have spouted some nugget of age-old wisdom which is actually a total myth! Although people think they’re helping, often these pearls of wisdom aren’t nearly as useful as they’re touted as being, so we thought we’d take a look at five of the most common beauty myths around and debunk them as we go!

Cutting Hair Makes it Thicker

Probably the single most common beauty myth out there, people STILL claim that cutting hair (or brushing it more) will make it thicker. The fact of the matter is, your head has a finite amount of follicles and those follicles will always produce the same amount of hairs with the same thickness, regardless of what you do. Trimming split ends will get rid of that ragged, thinning look at the bottom, but cutting off your hair will definitely NOT make it thicker or grow faster!

Splashing Your Face with Cold Water Closes Pores

Pores will open and close of their own volition and no amount of cold water will make enlarged pores shrink. The key to keeping your pores minimised is to keep the skin really clean so that dirt can’t accumulate in them and use a decent primer to reduce the appearance of uneven skin and larger pores.

Hair Will Start Cleaning Itself

This one can produce particularly grim results if people decide to quit hair washing altogether! Even people who are part of the “no-poo” movement of non-washing will use other things on their hair to keep it clean because your head will produce sebum and sweat no matter what. Opting for a sulphate-free shampoo is basically the best way to keep it clean if you aren’t a fan of of using lots of harsh chemicals on your head.

Make-Up Causes Acne

It’s a common myth that make-up can cause acne, or that acne sufferers have dirty faces. The most common cause of acne in teenagers is an over-sensitivity to hormones or simply a genetic pre-disposition which is passed down from parents. Using a proper acne-related skincare regime such as the Dermalogica MediBac Clearing System will help immensely.

Pulling Out Grey Hair Makes Two Grow Back

As we said above, a hair follicle can’t start growing hair which is wildly different from what is already there, and greying hair is simply a result of the body scaling back melanin production, the thing which gives your hair its natural colour. There’s absolutely zero evidence that pulling out a grey hair would make two grow in its place, otherwise balding blokes would be plucking their heads regularly to make double the hair grow back!

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