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MOT your sleep

The alarm clock going off at 6am can be quite a shock to the system after late nights and long lie-ins during the Christmas break.

Getting back into a routine can be hard, so this is the perfect time to give your sleep patterns an MOT so you can get on the on the right track to being bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Start at the beginning and work out how much sleep YOU need. The average amount of sleep an adult needs tends to be between seven and eight hours a night but we often get hung up on this figure. Some of us need more sleep whilst others can function on less. Go with your body and lifestyle but don’t stress if you don’t hit eight every night.

The January sales are a great time to update your mattress, something that can really affect your sleep. If your mattress is more than seven years old, it could be time to go and try out some new ones. Memory foam, pocket sprung, latex, open coil, there is a lot of choice out there so set a budget, work out what you like and go try them out in-store.

You may also want to use this as an opportunity to give your bedroom a really good spring clean. Dust, hoover, clear out the cupboards and wash the windows.

Check your curtains are keeping the light out and you clear clutter off surfaces.

Keep your bedding clean and fresh and check if your pillow is right for you rather than making your neck stiff and giving you headache.

Cut the coffee! We are always hearing that caffeine can stop you from sleeping, so if you can, stop drinking coffee, tea and fizzy drinks mid afternoon and quench your thirst and keep hydrated with water and herbal teas instead.

Food can also affect sleep so try to avoid big meals and rich flavours late at night as they can play havoc with your zzzzzzs.

Go digital free in the evenings. We know that can be tricky with emails, social media and the overwhelming need to Insta your dinner, but getting away from tech can help you sleep better. Set a cut off time and keep to it. Ban phones, tablets and TVs from the bedroom and use an old fashioned alarm clock to wake you up.

Set a routine. We know parents do this for their children, but you will find that if you follow a pattern each night your body will adapt and fall into line.

A little meditation can be a good idea in the evening. It doesn’t have to be a class, there are some great apps out there, but it will allow your to clear your mind so you are in the present moment and relaxed.

Having a bath is a really excellent way of letting your body and mind relax. Warm water, bubbles, candles and soft music aren’t just for the spa, they can sooth away aches, pains and worries and set you up for a sound sleep.

If you get under the covers and just can’t drift off, don’t lie awake dissecting your life, instead, get up, have a stretch, read, make a milky drink and go back to bed when you feel tired.

For ongoing sleep issues, go and talk to your GP, they might just be able to get to the route of the problem so you can get things under control again.

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