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Let Decleor Smooth Your Skin Without Make Up

Let Decleor Smooth Your Skin Without Make Up
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For many women, make-up is a fact of life and a normal part of their daily routine. There are, however, plenty of us who would rather forego the faff of putting their face on and who dislike the feeling of heavy creams and foundations on their skin. The problem there is that very few people have naturally perfect skin, and although you may want to go bare faced, you may not have the confidence to do so. Decleor have a great selection of products which promise to give you much smoother skin, so we thought we’d take a look in honour of our foundation-free sisters out there:

Decleor Mandarine Smoothing Night Balm

One of the things that we love the most about this night balm from Decleor is that not only does it do a powerful job of smoothing the skin and eliminating imperfections, but it’s also made from 100% natural ingredients. The antioxidant powers of mandarin essential oil help to visibly smooth wrinkles and create a luminous skin finish, while evening primrose plant oil, shea butter and cupuacu butter provide optimal hydration.

Decleor Energising Smoothing Cream SPF15

This cream from the Aroma Lisse product range is for use during the day and contains light-reflecting particles to give a smoother, more radiant look to the skin while offering protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Hyaluronic acid and ginseng extract will plump the skin, deeply hydrating as it goes, as well as protecting against the attack from daily pollutants and eliminating signs of fatigue. It’s a real multi-tasker which will leave your skin photo-ready without the need for cosmetics.

Decleor Hydra-Radiance Smoothing and Cleansing Mousse with Cloth

Often, problems with a lack of smoothness can be traced back to improper cleansing and not exfoliating the skin properly – how can your skin be expected to shine when it’s being shrouded by old, dead cells? This cleansing mouse and cloth combination will thoroughly cleanse the skin, sloughing away not only the day’s dirt and grime but also ridding the skin of dead cells and revealing a smoother complexion beneath. It’s also suitable for all skin types and can be used every day.

Decleor Phytopeel Smooth Exfoliating Cream

Many exfoliators are harsh on the skin and contain particles which actually scrape the dead skin cells away. This exfoliating cream from Decleor doesn’t contain any particles and uses active ingredients to absorbs and eliminates impurities. Best used once or twice a week alongside your regular skincare routine, it will stimulate the cell renewal process and leave your complexion looking smoother and fresher for the long-term.

Decleor Mandarine Smoothing Oil Serum

Many of the most powerful beauty products that we sell are in serum form and this smoothing oil is yet another. It will help to prevent the first signs of ageing and correct fine lines and wrinkles while ensuring a deep skin hydration thanks to hazelnut and sunflower oils. It should be applied each morning after your usual cleanser and before you moisturise to guarantee an improved complexion and continuing smoothness.

Last updated on 28/08/2017.

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