How to keep your cool this Christmas

www.pexels.comIt’s meant to be a time for giving and loving, but let’s face it, Christmas can be hard going and those closest to you can make it even more demanding.

We’ve had a look at how you can stay merry and bright all Christmas long whatever your family and friends throw at you.

When it comes to giving gifts, we should really think about the thought that has gone into them, rather than the amount of money that has been spent. If you’re worried a relative may be offended by the value of your gifts, then explain honestly that you’ve spent what you can afford and that thought has gone into your choices and you hope they like what you’ve chosen for them. To save blushes, decide with people what the gift budget is going to be, or you could have a Secret Santa so you all buy one present and that can make it fair for all of you.

Invitation overload
You’ll be invited to more than one party during the Christmas season, so how do you decide where to go and who to say yes to. One way is to accept invitations in the order you receive them, because swapping could be seen as bad manners and if you do duck out, watch what reason you give and what you then post on social media.

Last minute friends and family visiting, or an essential work event can be valid reasons for changing your mind when you have said yes to something, but think about how you would feel if someone shunned you and you found out via Facebook.

Party charm
There is a lot of pressure to be someone you aren’t at Christmas and you might feel as if you need to be super social rather than then sensible, smart person you are. The best plan is to be you, to keep the drinking down to a minimum, remember not to gossip and leave at a good time so you can make it into work the next day.

If you are sick and tired of being left to do it all, then this year, do it differently. Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and the people who can help, and this can involve your children too. Talk things over, give everyone a chance to have a say and then divide the jobs out and you won’t feel like you are doing all the giving and the rest of the family are taking.

Family antics
We all know that families can be hard work, so don’t be fooled by glossy images on Instagram – no one is perfect. Look at who wants to see you, who needs to stay, where people want to meet and then set out your plans and arrangements. If you have guests, set a time for them to arrive, and leave, ensure that there are planned activities, budgets for presents and if need be, say that you are going somewhere on their departure date and therefore will say goodbye to them then.

Say thank you
If someone has given you a present, dropped off a homemade cake, had you for dinner or invited you to drinks, then make sure you say thank you. Yes, you can text, but a handwritten card will mean so much more to them, and might make you feel good too.

Take time out for you
Once a day, do something for you. Go for a run, drink a hot cuppa and watch the TV or have a bath, but if you carve out sometime for you, you will be less stressed, feel less put upon and have the chance to recharge before the next present opening session starts.

Whatever you do, have a happy Christmas.

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